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Marissa Seginowich

Marissa Seginowich

I’ve been an eyelash technician for two and a half years and I absolutely love it! I love socializing with my clients, making them feel beautiful, meeting new people and of course the money is great too! I started as a classic lash tech and slowly but surely perfected my technique and built a solid return clientele. After about a year of doing classic lashes a lot of my clients started to enquire about volume lashes.

Volume Lashes?

It came seemingly out of nowhere that everyone wanted volume lashes. I had seen and heard of them but wasn’t sure how to apply them. I ended up losing a few clients who fell in love with volume lashes and could have them applied elsewhere. Action needed to be taken – it was time that I learn how to do volume lashes so that I could increase my skills, keep my clients happy and grow my business!

How I Got Into Volume Lashes

Excited to start a new venture I spent $2000 on a volume lash program! This was a ton of money for me and was for just a two day long course. As difficult as it was to stomach this expense, I was excited about this new facet of lashing. It took months of tedium and frustration to get decent at volume lashes and upwards of four hours to apply a full set! Although my skill set had increased and my clients’ lash desires were being satisfied, I felt like there must be a better way. That’s when a friend introduced me to Lost Artistry pre-fans and everything changed!

Pre-Made Lash Fans

With Lost Artistry pre-made fan lashes I was able to literally cut my time in half to do a volume set. I can essentially do a full set of volume lashes at the same speed as I was doing a set of classic lashes. By cutting my application time in half, I was able to double my daily clients, and in turn nearly double my income! On top of the fact I am now making nearly twice as much money, the lashes look absolutely perfect every time as there is no chance of my fans closing up or an individual lash going rogue! Even better, the lash retention rate has been higher by an average of a whole week. My clients have been happier than ever as they haven’t needed as many fills and they only have to lay on their backs with their eyes closed for half the time now!

Final Words on Volume Lashes & Lost Artistry Lash

Since discovering Lost Artistry Pre-fan Lashes I’ve completely abandoned the old technique of applying volume lashes and just wish I had discovered them before paying $2000 for my volume lash course. Thank you so much Lost Artistry for increasing my income and making my clients’ lash experience that much better!!

-Marissa Seginowich

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