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The Lash Battle: Volume versus Classic Lashes

Everything you need to know to choose the right lash for your client

If you’ve been in the lash business long, you’ve heard of classic and volume lash extensions. Sure, you may have heard of others—like hybrid and mega lashes—but those all fall under the umbrella of classic and volume lashes. So, if you’re gonna know the lingo, start here.

First things first, what are classic lashes?

Think of classic lashes as basic addition: Applying one false lash to one natural lash. Makes sense, right? Except if a client only has 50 natural lashes per eye, you can only apply a maximum of 50 false lashes per eye—so, perfect for the girl with naturally full lashes, but not so perfect for sparser lash lines. To fill sparse lash lines with classic lashes, you’ve got to go for a thicker diameter (classic lashes come in 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm diameters), but the thicker diameter, the heavier the lash. And, the heavier the lash, the higher the chances you can damage your client’s natural lashes. This is where volume lashes come in.

Classic Lash Tray

So, what are volume lashes?

If classic lashes are basic addition, volume lashes are multiplication: For every natural lash, we apply multiple extensions—usually three or more—all delicately connected at the tip, so they fan out, filling out gaps and adding, you guessed it, volume. Now, you may be thinking “If a single classic lash can damage my client’s natural lashes, volume lashes are probably riskier!” Slow down, lash lady.

Yes, once upon a time, volume lashes were heavy and could damage natural lashes. But those were also the days it also took lash techs thousands of dollars and years of training to learn how to safely apply lash extensions. Not anymore, girl. They are actually thinner in diameter and lighter in weight than a single classic lash, which means less glue to apply it and less chance of damage. Plus, all the length, fullness and fluffy darkness you could ask for. Volume lashes are the stuff lash dreams are made of (or maybe that’s just us!)

Can’t keep it straight? We got you—check out the cheat sheet below for quick reference, and lash on.

Classic LashesVolume Lashes
You can expect…A natural lookA dramatic look
Best for…Girls with naturally full lashes, looking to add lengthGirls with sparse lashes, looking to add fullness

Let’s talk lashes

Love the look of volume lashes? Us too. We stock ultra-lightweight, handmade classic and volume lashes, so you can focus on the perfect set for your client’s eyes. Don’t know where to start? Check out our FAQs.

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