7 Potential Eyelash Extension Retention Problems

7 Potential Retention Problems

We’ve all had that one client who never seems to have great lash extension retention. Sometimes as the lash artist, on our end we seem to be doing everything right. What we don’t always realize is that clients can be doing some naughty things behind closed doors. Make sure to educate your clients on these 7 potential retention problems. Who knows, this could fix a long time running problem!
  1. Sleep on your BACK
    Make sure to let your clients know that one of the ways to keep their lash extensions looking beautiful is to avoid sleeping on their sides. When sleeping on your side, you tend to squish your face into the pillow, causing dirt and oils that accumulate through the night time to smudge around.
    This can get in between your lashes and affect the bond. This can be hard to control, but necessary to mention especially if you have a client always coming in with poor retention on one specific eye.
  2. Avoid Oily Face Products
    Ask your clients with poor retention about their face washes and moisturizers. Any cosmetic products with oils or greasy consistencies can seep into the eye area throughout the day and at night. Oil can act as a remover, and will essentially dissolve the bond between the natural lash and eyelash extension. Recommend oil free or water based skin care/makeup products to ALL of your clients but especially the ones who keep coming back with poor retention.
  3. eyelashes
  4. Wipe the lashes down
    Now for clients who seem to produce more facial oil- Recommend blotting papers or give them a few dry glue wipes to carry around. The more oil your clients face produces, the more chance of those oils getting into their beloved eyelash extensions, and the rest is history… Blotting the eyelids throughout the day could save their lash set!
  5. Cleanse the gunk away
    You may be surprised to hear of the many clients who have no clue that "lash bathing" is a thing! Sometimes, clients are also scared to even touch their lashes to avoid any fallout. The reality is, some lashes are only hanging on by a thread because eye debris or goop is holding them down. This causes bacteria to build up and can (worst case) start the growth of lash mites! Cleansing once or twice daily can optimize retention and keep things squeaky clean!
  6. Are your clients brushing their lashes properly
    Surprisingly enough, brushing too hard or too much can put strain on the natural lash follicle. This will result in premature lash loss and a permanently damaged follicle. The proper way to brush your eyelash extensions, is on top of the set starting from the base of the lashes and brushing outward. This will keep your lashes uniform, and help maintain the shape of the lash set as well.
  7. Natural Lash Shedding
    This is a natural occurrence that can’t be helped. Sometimes people lose up to 4+ in one singular day. Lashes shed and grow back constantly and this could be an unavoidable problem. Simple as that! If you’re educating your clients on this then most of the time they’ll understand it’s not the products you’re using or your fault.
  8. Improper Lash Glue Environment
    How are you storing your glue? What does your humidity look like? Are you burping your glue? If you are inconsistent with glue storage, you WILL without a doubt experience retention issues from time to time. If you are diligently reading your glue storage instructions and taking the necessary steps to care for your glue properly, your glue will work just how it’s instructed to!

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