All The Hype About Brown Lashes

All The Hype About Brown Lashes

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Trying to figure out what else to add to your lashing service list? Here’s all the hype about brown lashes!

Offering brown lashes can be the best of both worlds. Your clients still get volume and fluff, while the lashes appear more soft and natural in colour. The bonus of offering coloured lash services, is that you attract more of a crowd. Who knows, one of your forever clients might break out of their textured black volume norm, play around with brown and love it!

Some clients who are suitable for brown lashes are: mature clients, red heads, blondes and clients who are new to the extension life. Another great way to determine if your client would love a brown set, is to ask if they wear a lot of eye makeup. If yes, they are used to the eye appearing a bit more bold and may prefer a regular black set of lashes. If your client isn't used to wearing a lot of eye makeup, then this is the perfect human to try this set on.

Another thing to note: Brown lashes will lessen the contrast between the grow out of a natural lash and the extension. If we use black on these lashes, it will be much more noticeable as they grow. (Many artists choose to tint the lashes prior, but what about the grow out? This makes the “roots” look even more dramatic). Matching the shade of brown as close as possible to the clients natural lash will look so clean and crisp on the eye.

Try using your favourite lap map, just change the colour! You're offering versatility, quality, and the opportunity to experiment! Who knows this may be your favourite type of lashes to do and we here at Lost Artistry dare you to try it out.

Experiment with brown!

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