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Everything you should know about lash extensions.

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What are Lash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent beauty service that elevates the appearance of the natural lashes. In the application process, extensions made of tiny synthetic faux mink fibres are adhered to each individual lash. These extensions should only be applied by a professionally trained lash artist using proper products, tools, and techniques. Lash extensions do not come in contact with the skin, making the process painless and relaxing for most clients - many even fall asleep! Depending on the type of lash extensions and experience of the artist, a service can take 1-3 hours. After application, the fake lashes will grow with the natural lash cycle, therefore, there will be no damage to the lashes when applied and cared for properly. Interested in getting extensions or becoming a lash artist? Keep reading to learn more about the world of eyelash extensions! 


The Benefits 

Lash extensions offer various benefits, with the most significant including: 

  1. Saving time: Lash extensions will eliminate the need for mascara or other eye-makeup, allowing for more time in your daily routine. 
  2. Boosting confidence: Extensions enhance your natural beauty, making you feel confident and ready to start the day with minimal effort. 
  3. Customizing curl and length: Specific lash extension styles and techniques can accentuate certain features that mascara could never. 
  4. Providing a pain-free enhancement: Traditional falsies that are glued on at home can lead to discomfort throughout the day. 


Types of Eyelash Extensions

The four primary types of extensions include Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume. Each of these can be customized to achieve more natural or dramatic results depending on the client’s preferences. 


Classic Lashes 

Classic lash extensions are perfect for anyone looking for a natural looking eye enhancement. This style involves applying an individual extension to one natural lash and will be the most affordable option. 


Hybrid Lashes

Offering a more dense and textured effect, Hybrid lash extensions are a 50/50 mix of Classic and Volume styles. These are a perfect option for clients transitioning from Classics to Volume or those looking for a more voluminous look at a lower cost. 


Volume Lashes

Volume lash extensions provide a fuller enhancement, offering a perfect style option for clients looking for a more dramatic look. Volume fans generally include 2-6 lashes in a bundle that are applied to a single natural lash. Since the weight of each extension in a bundle is thinner than a classic lash, the fan is a healthy size for the natural lashes. 


Mega Volume Lashes

Requiring the highest skill level and longest appointments, Mega Volume lashes often involve the most density and drama. For this style, each fan applied to one natural lash includes 6-40 lashes. 


hybrid vs volume vs mega volume lashes

Different Styles

Lash extensions can elevate your look to accentuate or correct specific features. Some standard styles to achieve this include the following: 

Cat Eye: Longest lashes are applied on the outer corner of the lash line, creating a sultry look. 

Open Eye: Longest lengths are featured in the middle of the lash line, opening the eye. 

Natural Eye: Follows the natural shape of the eye. 

Squirrel Eye: Longest lashes are the arch of the brow, then drop dramatically in length on the outer corners. 

Uniform: All the tips of the lashes meet at the same point. Since our lashes are in layers, the artist chooses specific lengths to achieve a uniform look. 

Textured: Different lengths, curls, and diameters are mixed to create a staggered and edgy look. 


Not sure what style would suit you best? Your lash artist should be able to assess your eye shape to help determine the best look for you! Or, reach out to us via Instagram @lostartistrylash - we would love to chat and recommend some styles ;) 


Choosing The Right Lash Artist

Selecting the right lash artist is crucial to a successful lash extension experience. If you are interested in getting eyelash extensions for the first time, it is important to ensure you pick an artist that suits your needs. Some factors you should consider include the safety precautions, hygiene measures, and certification level of the artist. Lash services require sharp tools and strong products near the eyes, emphasizing the importance of proper safety. Here are some questions I recommend asking yourself during your search for the right lash artist: 

  • Are they certified? 
  • What does their space look like? 
  • Do they provide photos of their lash work? Do you like the results? 
  • What do their reviews suggest about their services? Were previous clients satisfied with their experiences? 
  • Do their values and personality seem to align with yours?
  • How is their customer service? Try reaching out with a basic question to see their response!
  • What is the cost of their services? Be cautious of pricing! Promotions are great, but sometimes low cost results in lower quality services. 


Considering these questions will allow you to choose an artist that suits your lash goals. After finding a lash artist, ensure you both agree on the look you are hoping for. Photos are a great way to show the lash style you want - I’d suggest sending some inspiration pictures prior to your appointment! Try browsing media platforms like Instagram, Google, and Pinterest to find different results. 


Common Questions and Concerns

How much does a lash set cost? 

The cost of lash extensions will vary depending on where you live, what type of set you are getting, and the skill level of the artist. Typically, Classic lashes will be the least expensive and Mega Volume will be the most, with Hybrid and Volume falling in between. Here is a general cost estimate for the main types of extensions:

Classic: $110

Hybrid: $145

Volume: $180

Mega Volume: $250 

These are approximate prices for the initial appointment, but getting them refilled every 2-4 weeks will be a lower cost. Keep in mind that not all artists will offer the same services! I recommend comparing the prices and work of different lash studios in your location to determine the right option for you. Also, don’t forget to tip your lash artist ;) 


What happens if I experience a reaction from the eyelash extensions? 

Though uncommon, some people do experience allergic reactions after getting lashes. In these cases, symptoms often appear 24-48 hours after application and may include redness, itchiness, or swelling. If you experience a reaction, it is recommended to remove the lashes as soon as possible. Although this will usually reduce irritation, seek medical attention if symptoms continue. DIY lashes like Citizen Lashes are a great option for clients who are wanting lashes but discover an allergy to traditional extensions!


How do I take care of my lashes? 

After a lash appointment, your lash artist is responsible for discussing proper aftercare tools and techniques. The most important step for healthy, long lasting extensions is cleansing them daily. Engaging in a proper lash cleanse routine will reduce the risk of infection or lash mites. Here are some other tips for lash aftercare: 

  • Avoid touching, rubbing, or picking your extensions
  • Don’t sleep face down
  • Maintain fullness by going in for refills every 2-3 weeks 
  • Stay away from waterproof makeup and oil based removers


Do extensions feel heavy? 

Lash extensions should feel very lightweight, almost like they aren’t even there! However, they can take some time to get used to, so it may feel slightly different initially, especially when they are wet. Our natural lashes can hold a lot more than we might expect! 

I hope this post has offered you some new insight into the world of eyelash extensions! If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out via e-mail at info@lostartistrylash or Instagram @lostartistrylash - we love chatting about everything lash.

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Julie Chavez

Julie Chavez

The technician proceeded to apply the lashes without washing her hands, therefore, I believe it resulted in my getting a eye infections. If she didn’t wash her hands, maybe she didn’t clean her tools, thus causing me to develop eye infections.

The technician proceeded to apply the lashes without washing her hands, therefore, I believe it resulted in my getting a eye infections. If she didn’t wash her hands, maybe she didn’t clean her tools, thus causing me to develop eye infections.

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