Getting the Perfect Lash Shots: Cellphone Edition

Getting the Perfect Lash Shots: Cellphone Edition

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Showcasing your work is the most important aspect of marketing your lash business. People want to see your talent, and what you have to offer. Your portfolio or Instagram page should be riddled with clear, good quality lash photos - we have some tips to help make that happen! Keep reading to find out about getting the perfect lash shots: cellphone edition. 


Your lighting could make or break the clarity of a photo. Not enough lighting can cause your pictures to look dull and have less definition. The Lost Artistry LED Lash Light provides bright white lighting not only for photos, but for isolation while you're working away as well. The dual heads on our lights are adjustable, giving you full control over the direction where the light is needed. Being able to work with your light angles will get you that perfect HD shot!

Clean Your Lens!

This seems straight forward, but often overlooked. Think about all of the places your cellphone travels during the day: the kitchen counter, your office desk, the cupholder in your car… Dirt, dust and bacteria can build up pretty fast and tamper with the quality of your phone's camera lens. We recommend using a soft lint-free cloth for gentle phone surface cleaning!

Utilize Your Angles

Play around with photo angles and shot directions! Don’t be afraid to give instruction to your model on how you’d like their head positioned - move them around!. A great tip is to angle your models head in a direction that light is not shining through the lashes. This gives the optical illusion that the lashes are not as full and dense as they actually are. We want to be making sure that your pictures are doing your gorgeous work justice!

Go Crazy!

Don't be afraid to take as many pictures as your heart desires. The more pictures you have in your camera roll, the more of a chance you'll find a few shots you're obsessed with! Usually clients don't mind at all - they love their lashes being shown off just as much as you do. Have fun with your clients and don't forget to flood them with compliments.

Before and After Pics

Be sure to snag some shots before your clients set has started. Showcasing the dramatic transition from bare to bold is sure to catch some attention via social media. Try and replicate your before and after shots, mimicking angles and lighting - this will look more aesthetically pleasing!

Get Creative

Finally, be creative with your lash shoots... Switch it up and play around with different eye catching props. If your client or model is comfortable, get them to pose with flowers, plants, fabrics, etc. The focus of the shoot will always be the lashes, but having fun and creating an eye catching aesthetic for your audience will draw more attention to your business!

With today's technology, all you need to grow your business is in the palm of your hand. Utilize these picture taking tips and tricks and your social profiles will grow exponentially. Keep things eye catching and fun - after all social media is the biggest driving force for business - use this to your advantage! Click here to watch our video tutorial on 3 Tips to Take Amazing Lash Pictures!

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Amy D

Amy D

The cover photo is unreal. Beautiful picture!

The cover photo is unreal. Beautiful picture!

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