How Much Volume Can Be Added?


One of the best thing about Volume Lash extensions is not only that you can fill gaps, add texture, darkness, depth and fullness, but that your client has the opportunity to pick just HOW MUCH volume can be added! Lost Artistry Pro fans volume lashes range from 3D to 10D which allows a near limitless amount of styles for your client to select.



Hybrid Lashes:

This is the first level of Volume Lashes. Hybrid Lashing is a technique where the lash technician combines Classic Lash extensions with Volume Lash extensions. Hybrid lashes create a slightly more voluminous and full look than classic lashes and are great for clients who want a less full look but want to even out gaps and have slightly more lashes than the one to one of classic.

Volume Lashes:

Volume lashes are are done by lashing all the clients natural lashes to the best of your ability with multiple false lashes per natural lash. Typically a standard Volume set would see anywhere for 3D to 6D Pro Volume fans applied. Your options are limitless wit Volume lashes and you can provide your client with super full, long dramatic lashes or a more natural but super full, fluffy, dark and textured look. It is important to assess clients natural lash integrity and lash accordingly. Often times baby lashes, or inner corner lashes cannot sustain a 6D lash, but can have a smaller 3D lash applied to them to ensure depth and texture is not sacrificed.

Mega Volume Lashes:

Mega volume is often attributed with super dramatic and full lashes. Although Mega Volume will create a super full set of volume lashes, the don’t need to be dramatic. You can actually create a super natural looking set of Mega Volume with the result being that your client just looks like they were born and blessed with incredibly full but natural length lashes. Typically Mega Volume is achieved with any lashes above 6D with an emphasize on 8D and 10D. This means your clients natural lashes have between 8 and 10 false lashes applied to them which creates that extremely full, textured, dark look with tons of depth. Much like with regular volume though, it is important that the clients natural lashes are assessed and that although the emphasis is on 8 to 10 false lashes per natural lash, that the clients smaller natural lashes are lashed accordingly with what they can healthily hold.


For ultimate, texture, depth and darkness while maintaining an ultra lightweight and soft fluffy finish, we always recommend mixing Lost Artistry Pro fan sizes, lengths, dimensions and curls in your set to achieve all of your clients desires. Always remember to assess clients natural lashes and maintain their natural lash health as the number one priority above all else!! With Lost Artistry Pro fans the amount of styles, volume and texture you can add to a clients lashes is almost limitless.

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