How to effectively manage your home life and lashing.

How to Balance Life & Lashing

Getting caught up in lashing is easy. You’re getting your name out there, clients are starting to pile up and the good money’s rolling in! You’ve established yourself almost too well, but are you balancing? “Work-Life Balance” is a phrase that some workaholics have never heard of. Finding harmony and balance between your personal life and your lash life is important yet sometimes neglected. Avoid a burn out, and follow these 4 steps to perfecting Work Life Balance!

  1. Schedule time for YOU!
    As an artist, working on an appointment basis is handy for keeping structure and maximizing organization, but have you penciled yourself in? Self care plays a huge part in avoiding a burnout. Let’s not forget that you deserve some “me time” to recharge and refresh. Even giving yourself an hour a day to sit back, kick your feet up and do something that brings you joy can do wonders.
  2. Try not to bite off more than you can chew.
    Once you’ve gotten yourself into a rhythm, have a solid lineup of clients and are bringing in that good dough, don’t overload yourself. Personal time can easily be taken over by overbooking or “squeezing people in”. There is nothing wrong with doing a bit of juggling to keep you on your toes, but be mindful of how you feel after a jam packed day of client overload. Too much in too little time can drain your battery quickly.
  3. If a client isn’t bringing you happiness, don’t keep them around...
    Unfortunately not every client you have will be sunshine and rainbows, and this negativity can leak into your personal life. Sometimes we run into a client who we absolutely dread lashing. This person can often take the fun away from an appointment, and have you dreading the next two hours (or more) of lashing them... At the end of the day, if someone is leaving a sour taste in your mouth or not bringing you positivity, what good is it having them around? One of the hardest things to do is break up with a client, but if someone is hurting your mental health it’s something to consider.
  4. Stay as organized as possible.
    A day planner is your best friend. If your days are laid out for you, life can seem a bit less overwhelming. The way you plan out your days/months is totally up to you, but if you’re someone who finds themselves being overwhelmed easily, writing things down and giving yourself a visual can be a game changer. Being able to see your appointments and allowing yourself to know exactly when you have down time can act as a security blanket.

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