How to Create a “Forever Client”

Running a successful lashing business is not only about gathering clients - it's about keeping them. The clients that keep coming back are the ones that end up positively affecting business for the better! "How do I create loyal clients?" is one of the most frequently asked questions coming from artists who are just starting up. We have some amazing tips and tricks for you to implement that will help you create forever clients.

#1: Your space should be looking and feeling squeaky clean. There is nothing worse than entering an environment that doesn’t feel cozy or sanitary. Making sure your space is wiped down at all times and looking its absolute best will make a world of difference. Trust me, your clients will notice this and appreciate it.

#2: A great tip to keep clients returning is to share your knowledge. As a lash artist, you have a passion for your job - share your lashing insights, give your clients lashing tips and tricks for aftercare, chat with them on how you assess their eye shape… There are so many possibilities for you to educate whoever is in your chair. When our clients feel informed, they have a sense of security in their artist. Inform them that you know exactly what you're doing, and that you're doing it with skill (without blatantly stating it).

#3: One word: INCENTIVES. People love goodies and special promotions. Some examples of incentives programs to implement into your services:

  • Every 3 new clients (this number is your choice) referred by you will get you $10 (discount offered is your choice) off of your next fill.
  • Punch cards: Every 5th fill will get you $5 off of your 6th fill.
  • For every 4 Instagram shoutouts by your client gives them $5 off of their next fill.

Keep things fun and upbeat - being rewarded for participating in incentive programs makes lashing exciting for everyone. People obsess over feeling special - so get them excited!

If you make someone’s lashing experience one of a kind - they’ll stick around. Providing a clean safe space, educating your clients so they are “in the know” and giving out fun rewards will create you a loyal client! Most importantly, people will bond with you if you are your true self. Be authentic and enjoy what you do - that in itself is attractive. These “forever clients” will not only help your business grow, but allow you to grow as a lash artist as well.

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  • I started using punch cards and my clients love it.

    Tiana Letterson

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