How To Get Your Business Noticed Locally

How To Get Your Business Noticed Locally

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With the birth of a new business, growing a good repor with your community isn't easy. Don't kid yourself- it’s not a walk in the park. But, when you have the right stepping stones to guide your way to being noticed locally, your business can be affected so positively and can flourish.

Here are some ways to get recognized:


1. Be present online!

The more online activity you put out there, the more chances people have to see what you and your business are all about. It’s recommended to be constantly posting on all popular social media platforms. Interact with potential customers, reach out to people and see what they do or do not like about your platform. Make sure to be tagging your local location on all of your posts- this will get you recognition as well!


2. Put a face to the name of your small business.

People like to see who’s behind the curtain. Shopping through someone rather than a robot will allow your customers to put more trust into your. People have an easier time shopping with a brand when they know who's behind all of their products. This also makes the shopping experience more personal for people, and allows connections to be made. Introduce yourself as the brand owner, give people information on who you are and what you’re all about! If you are providing services- advertising your shining smile will have people feeling comfortable before walking through your doors.


3. Create valuable content.

Remember that not everyone wants to see sales ads all the time. People want to see exciting and entertaining information about what you’re offering. Place yourself as someone of knowledge in the eyes of your community. Get people interested- have them clicking on your page to find out more. If you offer a product for purchase, educate your clients with fun tips and tricks on what you’re selling. If you provide services, show your clients the benefits of the services you offer. Content creativity can really help strengthen your platform, and get people in your area talking.


4. Find brand uniqueness!

Don’t copy and paste someone else’s work- people will see that your branding isn't authentic. Be your true self, and reflect that through your advertisements, content and social media. Pick an aesthetic and run with it. If you’re going for playful and fun or sleek and sexy, own it and give it your all. Don’t be afraid to try out things that fit- after all a business/brand won't become perfect overnight.

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