lash mites blepharitis on an eyelash

LASH MITES: How to Educate and Prevent

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Although lash cleansing may be a no brainer to you, this is something a lot of our clients need education on. In fact, some clients don’t even know that “lash cleaning” is a thing! We don't often think about the little bacteria that live on our eyelids. Dirty lashes result in lash damage and poor retention or even demodex.

lash mites also known as blepharitis on a lash

These demodex are more commonly known in the lash industry as 'Lash Mites'. Lash mites feed off of dead skin cells between the lashes, and can multiply rapidly if the area is not properly cleaned- this condition is called 'Blepharitis'. These mites end up looking like a crusty coating around the lash follicle. This will eventually disrupt the natural lash cycle and could cause PERMANENT damage - best case causing weak natural lashes. No, splashing water on your face is not enough to prevent this.

How do we approach this touchy subject?

DO NOT PANIC! If your approach is calm, your clients' energy will match yours. The service needs to be stopped immediately. Gently explain to your client that you are not a doctor, but this condition is not uncommon and very easy to spot. Lashing should be put on hold and your client should be encouraged to seek medical attention ASAP, as lack of attention to this matter can result in permanent damage to the lash bed. Usually a round of antibiotics is prescribed for this, and your client should be back in your chair in no time.

An important thing to note: this is the lash artists responsibility to be open and informative about this matter. Our clients most likely will not be familiar with conditions such as Blepharitis. If a client is misinformed or the matter is neglected and things take a turn for the worse, there is a possibility of the client suing their artist. WE DO NOT WANT THIS! It’s better to be open and upfront- it could save you in the long run. Chances are your client will be super thankful and appreciative about your information and calm approach.

This is also a great opportunity to suggest lash cleansing products to take home, such as Foam Cleanser or Sensi-Bath to your clients after a service. We want our clients to feel confident about the health and cleanliness of their lashes, and not have to worry about the dreaded lash mite.

There’s nothing wrong with a little extra input to our clients on subjects like this- they may be thanking you later! Happy lashing and stay safe!

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