Let’s Talk Wrapid Pro-Fans

Let’s Talk Wrapid Pro-Fans

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If you’re a lash artist who enjoys challenging themselves and experimenting with techniques- expand your skill set with wrap fans. These fans are the same application as regular handmade fans, but made in advance. 

During the journey of excelling in one's lash career most people progress from classics, to pro-fans to volume and mega volume. Wrapid pro-fans are a great in between lash to explore for artists who are into lash experimenting. 


Wrapid fans wrap around the natural lash, and are not bonded. This allows you to manipulate the space between each lash, curating them to be as spread apart or close together as you’d like. This will adjust the size and style of the fan so that the artist has more freedom for lash creativity. Firm pressure should be applied to the tweezers while picking up these lashes. If you've mastered pro-fan application and are ready to step into volume this is a great introduction into handmade volume. This may be challenging for beginners as there is a very specific pickup technique required in order to prevent the fans from falling apart.

For wrapid fans, the Grippo Slim Boot tweezer is recommended. Grippopotamus line of tweezers are designed to be very sturdy but lightweight which helps with grip and ergonomics. With a large sweet spot, this tweezer is perfect for :

    • Fanning off the strip (handmade volume fans)
    • Mega handmade fans
    • Pro-fan pickup and application
    • Wrapid fans

Click here to watch a more in-depth video on Lost Artistry Wrapid Fans.

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