Buy your pre-made volume lash products in bulk.

You’re going to use a lot of lash trays in this business, especially as you grow. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list so you can see when we offer discounts on your favourite products!

Pre-book your volume lash clients!

The importance of this can’t be understated and your client retention will surely increase. As soon as you finish your service, make sure to grab your schedule and book in advance. It becomes a lot more difficult to coordinate your schedule later via text or phone when you can easily book right then and there. Often times if you leave it for later, a client will contact you within 2 or 3 weeks and expect to book in immediately. This likely won’t work as you will already have a full clientele, which may lead to a fill being missed which worst case scenario could result in your client going somewhere else or not continuing with their lash services.

Create business cards for your volume lash business.

Anyone you talk to is a prospective client. Having a business card on hand is professional and convenient and can lead to a stream of new clients. Furthermore, you can leave your business cards places. The gym is a great place to leave your card as women in gyms are likely inclined to look their best! You’d be surprised how many businesses are happy for you to leave your business card with them.

Network with other volume lash & beauty businesses.

Great businesses want to see other businesses succeed as well. One of our core values at Lost Artistry Lash is helping you grow your business. It’s a wonderful thing. Cross promotions are a great way to expand your clientele. Collaborate with wedding planners or photographers as brides and bridal parties often want lash extensions for the wedding and can turn in to long term clients. Collaborate with someone who does eyebrow micro-blading and cross promote for one another. This can result in both of your businesses growing rapidly and is as simple as walking in and introducing yourself and your idea. The possible collaborations in this industry are near limitless.

Create a loyalty program for your pre-made volume lash clients!

Loyal customers are what keep your business operating and you need to genuinely appreciate them. Here at Lost Artistry Lash we have ‘Lash Cash’ rewards program that you can apply towards your purchases. Offer a loyalty program to your clients, something like ‘Every 7th fill is free’ punch pass, or even just randomly surprise you clients with a free fill. You get back 3x what you give, if you’re doing it for the right reasons ?

Advertise your volume lashes at colleges and universities.

A lot of college and university students are interested in looking their best but don’t know where to get eyelash extensions. Advertise and offer student rates on campus!

Educate your pre-made volume lash clients.

Eyelash education is majorly important for your clients. Show them that you care but educating them on the application and aftercare to maximize their lash retention. Offer an aftercare card explaining the importance of things like keeping your eyelashes dry for 24 hours etc.

Keep records.

Keeping a record of your clients’ contact information will be an easy way to let clients know when you are offering a new promotion, if you will be away on vacation or have to move your appointments around.

Keep records of products too. Keeping track of what you used on her last will ensure consistency in your result for fills but also will keep you consistent forever! You’ll encounter casual clients who will want the same set they had months, or years ago when they visited you. You’ll never forget if you keep a record of it and they will be super impressed!

Engage & connect with your volume lash clients.

Making a little note in their file of something personal they told you such as a birthday or asking how a family member is will make your client feel remembered, people love this and will feel much more connected !! Always try to engage with your clients and treat them as special as they are!

Final Words

Lashing is a phenomenal business and it’s of utmost importance that you maximize your potential and business growth. Small tips and tricks can result in big growth! Keep up the hard work and stay tuned for many more tips and tricks to come!!

Kaitlyn ❤️