You clicked this blog, so that must mean you’re interested in starting your own volume lash business. AMAAZZING!!! Do it! With the right plan, energy and will, I promise it’ll be the best decision you ever made. I know it was for me and now I get to share how with you.

First Things First, Believe In Yourself And In Volume Lashes

Really, believe in yourself. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true. If you have the will and belief, you can achieve your wildest business dreams with almost no start up money in this business, and when you do, please share your volume lashes business journey with me. Email me pictures and updates of your journey because nothing makes me happier than seeing another person succeed in this business. Don’t forget, its about the journey too, not just the destination.

My Humble Beginnings In Pre-Made Volume Lashes

Did I have a lot of money when I started? NOPE! What I did have was two baby boys, $200 and a burning passion and desire bubbling out of me radiating from my soul like an unstoppable cosmic explosion.

When I decided to work for myself I offered lash extensions from my mom’s living room couch. Budget? Yes. Unprofessional? No. What I lacked in ‘salon’ or ‘beautiful home studio’ I made up for in offering a remarkable product and customer service. This is the key, a remarkable product and customer service. The beautiful home studio, and then salon will come later, I know this, cause it did for me. Remember, baby steps, focus on small manageable action steps. Those small steps turn in to big strides on the moon. In just a few short years I went from living room couch to beautiful home studio, to beautiful booming salon with multiple employees, to the first Canadian company specializing in pre-fan volume lashes selling internationally to multiple countries. All this happened from a $200 investment, a passion and a remarkable product.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • How much money do I have to start my business?
  • How are my people skills?
  • Do I connect easily with people?
  • Do I have adequate space to provide an eyelash service out of my home?
  • Do I have a large network of contacts to help gain immediate clients?
  • Do I feel confident in charging for my services?
  • What sort of environment will I be doing lashes in? (noise transfer, do you have room mates, do you have kids who may disrupt services?)
  • What sort of hours do I want to work?
  • How much money do I want to make?

Don’t over complicate these questions, they should be simple and straight forward to answer, and if your answer doesn’t seem ideal, don’t worry. You can work around and adjust for almost any disruption. My babies regularly woke up crying throughout services but I made adjustments and had a loyal clientele in no time.

How To Gain A Clientele

Do you have a big social circle, or know lots of people? If so great, you can start by doing lashes discounted for friends and family. The word on your remarkable product and service will spread like wild fire blazing through a field of hay.

Don’t have a large social circle? Totally fine. I didn’t either. I was in a brand new city and I didn’t know anyone. Your best bet is to advertise through free platforms with a short, compelling advertisement that isn’t too wordy. I used sites like craigslist, used sites, Facebook moms groups etc. Below is my first ever advertisement and this simple straight forward free advertisement helped solidify a near full clientele.

“Hi there, I am an Eyelash Technician and am super passionate about my work!! I’m fairly new to Victoria so am trying to build a clientele which means DISCOUNTS! I know, exciting news.. I’m charging $75 for a full set of lashes , done any style you like. I have a huge variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit whatever style of lash you desire !
I have attached a ton of photos of work I’ve done for you to see ! Please don’t hesitate to call or text 250-555-5555 if you have any questions or to book an appointment :)
I look forward to meeting you.”

Don't Have Many Volume Lash Photos Of Your Work?

No problem. Offer super discounted services to anyone you know to build a portfolio of your work. Upfront efforts equal long term results beyond your wildest dreams.

What’s great about these free advertising methods is that once you’ve made one advertisement it’s as easy as copying and pasting it on to multiple different platforms where you can reach an audience of prospective clients.

Another great marketing tool is Facebook advertising. Having a social media platform to display your work is crucial! It gives prospective clients the opportunity to browse some examples of what you are capable of. Ensure that you have quality before and after pictures of various eyelash sets that you have done. Facebook provides the option of advertising based on parameters that you set and is very cost and user friendly. It’s as simple as setting a budget, demographic and location and Facebook does the rest! My first time using Facebook advertising I set a budget of $6 a day, advertising to women between 18-45 in the greater Victoria region. Within the week I had nearly 20 new clients which made the investment well worth it!

Seems pretty simple right?! It really is that simple. You just need to keep the passion alive, don’t get discouraged and charge straight in to the journey with a positive attitude. Persist. There are tons of expensive marketing tactics out there that can overwhelm you into believing you can’t do it because you don’t have the start up money. Trust me, you don’t need to spend much, if any, money on marketing. 

Invest In Your Volume Lash Business

As you build your clients up and start making money, put every dollar right back in to your business. Make sure you have a large stock of different lengths and trays. Buy in bulk for discounts and slowly accumulate decor for your very own studio. Almost everything I bought to create a beautiful little home studio was purchased used and very slowly. It took about six months of earning income and reinvesting it before I had a great stock on hand as well as everything I needed for a cute little boutique studio.

 So that’s it, you can do it, I promise. Stay motivated and believe in yourself, and please, please let me know how the journey goes!

❤️ Kaitlyn


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