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Take Care of your Eyelash Extensions In Lock Down

With the state of the world, the chances of being in lock down (if you’re not already in a lock down) are high once again. This means a much longer stretch of time between appointments. Here are three crucial steps you should be taking to help the longevity of your lashes through a lockdown.

1. Use a Lash Extension Bath or Lash Extension Shampoo.
To maintain your extensions, lash shampooing at least once a day is so necessary. This will rid the lashes of any leftover makeup, dirt and oil that can build up over time. You can’t stop lashes from falling off, but you can try and prevent it as long as possible by keeping them squeaky clean! Lash shampoos can be applied gently with a mascara wand, or a soft bristle lash brush, followed by some warm water. Pat the lashes dry and repeat once daily!
2. Do not pick your lash extensions, as tempting as it is.
This should be obvious right? Many of us are guilty of plucking outgrown lashes, but what we don't always realize is that our natural lashes get plucked out with the extension. The bond between the extension and the natural lash is meant to have a strong hold, and can only be loosened by getting those lashes removed professionally by your artist NOT by your own picking! On average, it takes roughly 6 weeks for a healthy natural lash to grow back in. You could be dealing with some serious bald spots. Avoid picking all together to not only maintain your set, but to maintain healthy natural lashes as well.
3. Try sleeping on your back for a change!
Ever wonder why one eye ends up losing lashes faster than the other? Take a look into your sleeping position. Most of us side/tummy sleepers (guilty as charged) don’t realize that the friction from rubbing our faces into our pillows at night can actually affect lash retention. Sleeping on your back or wearing a protective eye mask are only a few of the simple ways to keep your lashes looking good for as long as possible!

At the end of the day, don’t only be mindful of your lash health. Through this pandemic focus on your mental and physical health as well. Our hearts here at Lost Artistry go out to everyone who is being affected by the pandemic.

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