The Biggest Premade Volume Lash Myth Busted

Put your hands up if you’ve heard your clients (or, ahem, friends) share the age-old premade volume lash myth: Lash extensions are bad for your natural lashes. Puh-lease. We’re here to set the record straight, so you know exactly what to say when the ladies in your life get down on lashes extensions.

The Myth: Lash extensions are bad for your natural eyelashes.

Okay, disclaimer: If you’re buying lashes from a shoddy manufacturer or you’re not applying them to your clients properly, extensions can damage your clients’ natural lashes. But if you’re investing in high-quality lashes (why would you invest in anything less?!) and you’re properly trained (which you absolutely should be), lash extensions are easy, breezy, lemon-squeezy to apply with virtually no risk.

Why pre-made volume lash extensions go wrong

‘Mmk,’ you’re thinking, ‘but I’ve heard the horror stories of clients reacting badly to extensions or losing their natural lashes’. We hear you, and here’s why:

1. If you’re properly applying a premade lash extension to the natural lash, it will never come into contact with your client’s skin. No contact with your client’s skin equals no gross, unnecessary reactions.

2. If you’re properly applying a lash extension to the natural lash, your client will never lose her natural lashes. Why? Because you’re applying one lash (or fan) extension to one natural lash. When techs apply one lash extension to more than one natural lash, bad things happen: A natural lash that’s ready to shed can’t slip away to allow the new lash to grow in because it’s affixed to another lash that isn’t ready shed, so it interrupts the natural shedding cycle. And that, ladies, is when you get a client with extra-sparse lash lines.

When properly applied, lash extensions eat old-school lash rituals for breakfast. Just think: no more lash curlers and no more toxic mascaras coating your lashes. (And bonus: no more time spent on your lashes every morning. Just wake up and go!)

But are pre-made volume lashes safe?

We know what you’re thinking, ‘Okay, but what happens when my clients ask me if volume lashes are bad for her natural lashes?’ Reminder: “Volume” lashes and “pre-fan” lashes are the same thing. For every natural lash, we add multiple extensions, all connected at the tip, so they fan out (hence, “pre-fan”). And, yeah, once upon a time, premade volume lashes were heavy because the manufacturers would gob on the eyelash glue to hold the extensions together at the tip, or they would tie an actual knot at the base, adding width and weight. Not pretty.

Today, volume lashes are delicately connected at the tip thanks to a double-heat bonding technique for super lightweight pre-fans. It stops techs like yourself from doubling up on glue or hurting your clients’ natural lashes. Phew!

Buyer beware, babes

Of course, not all pre-fans are created equally, and there are still some manufactures out there who opt for gluing or knotting pre-fans, so buyer beware. (We obviously don’t fall into that camp—all of our pre-fan volume lashes are handmade and  double-heat bonded for ultra-lightweight, safe lashes. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!)

Long story short: If your clients are tired of primping and preening their lashes day in and day out, lash extensions are a safe alternative, giving lashes a much-deserved break—and a hell of a lot of double takes from ladies and gents alike.