Everything you need to know about volume lashes

Full, fluffy, look-at-me lashes à la Kim K? Yeah, those are volume lashes. They hit the North American market in 2013 but didn’t make it big until 2018 when they conquered the lash industry, eclipsing classic lashes in sales. (Don’t believe us? In 2017, 15% of our own clientele were opting for volume lashes. In 2018? 75%.) So, if you plan to adapt to demand, you’re going to want to know everything there is to know about volume lashes. Fear not, we’re here to help a girl out.


What's in a name? 

If you’ve ever heard lashes referred to as “Russian Volume,” that’s because volume lashes originally hail from Russia, where lash extensions are a legit art, handmade into fans at the time of application. But nine times out of 10, you’ll hear them referred to as “volume” or “pre-fan” (we call the pro-fan!) lashes because we do things a little differently than Russia: We make our fans in advance for faster application. Hence, “pre-fan.” What’s the “fan” in “pre-fan,” you ask? It’s a cluster of extensions, all connected at the tip, so they fan out, creating volume. So, call ‘em what you want; the lingo is interchangeable.


Why volume lashes over classic lashes?

Clients are opting for volume lashes more and more because you get more fullness. Classic lashes just can’t copycat those dark, seductive lashes you get with volume lashes. Why? Because classic lashes are all about natural-looking length, applying one lash extension to one natural lash. So, if your client’s got a sparse lash line, classic lashes won’t do anything to fill it.

Volume lashes on the other hand? They’re designed to fill sparse lash lines. Instead of applying one extension to one natural lash, we’re applying multiple extensions (think three to ten!) to one natural lash, all in an ultra-light, single pre-fan.


The benefits of volume lashes

If you’re making a pros and cons list in your head, we’ll just spell it out for you: There are no cons. Here are the pros:

  • Full, Dramatic Look – Drama is in—and volume lashes are your golden ticket
  • Ultra-Lightweight – More comfortable and gentle on your client’s natural lash line
  • Versatile – Endless versatility for you as a lash tech to get creative

Your volume lash options

Now that you know your volume lash basics, you should know there’s more than one option, depending on your client’s face shape, eye shape and personal style, from a classic doll eye to a dramatic cat eye. Each option offers different lengths, fullness and shape. And, because you’re applying one pre-fan at a time, you can get creative. Don’t know where to start? Let’s talk.

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Let’s talk lashes

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