A beautiful model wearing a Lost Artistry lash set. Clients like our model need to know how to take care of their lash sets.

What Your Clients Should Know: Lash Care

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At home lash care is one of the most important things to stress to your clients. Whether it be a new client, or someone that sits in your chair frequently- everyone should be informed about the top “Must Knows" when it comes to after appointment lash care.


For a new client, lashes may feel strange, causing the sensation of wanting to rub the lashes - people even pick and pet them. This is a big red flag, and should absolutely be avoided. Touching your lashes can cause a buildup of gunk from your fingers, and may even cause premature shedding. For the lash artist, this can be frustrating because your fills will tend to be larger and more timely. This also will get frustrating for the client, as the more fills needed, the more costly sets will become.

Try Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping face down on your pillow not only causes wrinkles, but ruins retention causing lashes to tangle and clump and fall out prematurely. Sleeping on your side can also have a similar effect - one eye may end up looking full, and the other will appear sparse due to its rubbing against a pillow at night. Put in your best effort to sleep on your back, facing upward. Although challenging, this will help with lash health and retention in the long run.

Why You Should Pre Schedule Fills

Work with your clients on scheduling fills in advance, and inform them on the importance of doing so. Oftentimes a new client won’t understand the reasons why fills usually happen between two and a half to three weeks. It’s important to give all of the necessary information that goes into a fill appointment so your clients better understand why pre scheduling is being stressed. Pre-scheduling is mutually beneficial - not only will your client avoid being charged heavier due to more missing lashes, but you as the lash artist won't have to worry about the awkward “I have to charge you for a full set.” conversation. Regular fills will also keep lashes looking good as new!

Stay Clear Of Oil Based Products

Any oil based makeup removers or face wash should be avoided at all costs while dealing with lash extensions - your clients NEED to know this! This might mean clients have to switch up their routine’s for the time being but it’s better to be safe than lash-less. Oils can cause the breakdown of the lash adhesive and negatively affect retention. Recommend alternative cleansing methods to your clients such as cleansing waters or gentle gel cleansers.

Lash Bath

Educate your clients on all things aftercare, especially Lash Bathing. A Lot of first time lashers don't understand that “lash cleansing” is a thing, and is almost just as important as washing your face. Usually lash cleaning should happen once a day or every other day (depending on how oily the clients eyelids are, how much makeup they wear etc.). Lash Bath removes dirt, debris, oils and bacteria from the lash bed allowing your lashes to stay healthy and in prime shape. On a mascara wand, suggest one or two pumps of Lash Bath to be brushed gently through the lashes before bed. Another way of cleansing is to use a lash brush instead of a want- this will be up to the client's preference!

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