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Lost Artistry’s Superbonder adds elasticity to any adhesive on lashes, providing additional flexibility which helps maximize retention and keeps your clients satisfied! More flexibility means less breakage.

  • Reduces sensitivity and irritation
  • Seals glue without shock curing
  • Clients can wet lashes three minutes after treatment
  • Maximizes retention
  • Works with all glues

Directions For Use: Superbonder is super easy to use. After service is complete, wait two minutes, then dip a micro swab applicator into the bottle and apply a VERY small amount of Superbonder along the bonding point of the glue. Do not touch skin or use so much solution that it could drip into eyes. Allow your client’s lashes to air dry. After three minutes the bonds will have sealed and the lashes are safe to get wet! Superbonder instantly locks in fumes that can cause irritation and sensitivity.

Directions for Storage: Store away from direct sunlight. Superbonder can be kept on your lashing station. 

DISCLAIMER: If you are not familiar with Superbonder, we highly recommend watching our tutorial 'SUPERBONDER: Post-Treatment' on YouTube, as it causes extreme discomfort if used improperly or gets in client's eyes or makes contact with skin. If you have excess solution on the applicator, dab excess product on paper towel before use.  

Capacity: 10ml

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