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So you’ve been trained in the art of Classic Lash application and you’ve MASTERED it! Huge congratulations on this, you’ve toughed through the hardest part and have come out on top. This is seriously something to be proud of because it IS NOT an easy thing to learn. Now that your first big goal has been met, are you ready to get started and take your career to the next level? How about adding volume to your service list! I’m talking about increasing your INCOME but with an even better twist… Making more money while also saving TIME!!


With the introduction and innovation of the Lost Artistry Lash Pre Fan collection, you can now add Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume Lash services to your list with only your Classic Lash training. WATCH:

'Volume Fan Weights vs Classic Weights' on IGTV 


First step in your journey: Watch our quick videos below to see how to properly pick up our lashes.


The application of our pre fanned lashes is much the same as classic with just a few adjustments. We have made tons of educational videos on this to help make the transition seamless. To find these you may check out our Youtube channel ‘Lost Artistry Lash’ or our Instagram @lostartistrylash – we post regularly on IGTV to keep the free education coming :)

You won’t want to miss our ‘Retention’ video as well as our ‘How-To’ blog post. These outline exactly how to pick up and lay the lash for the best retention of the extension possible.

Volume Tweezers

One essential tool for volume lashing is a good pair of volume tweezers. The boot curve of our Ultra Volume Tweezer makes picking up your fan way easier than if you were using classic lash tweezers. This is an absolute must have. Every pair of Lost Artistry’s ergonomic volume tweezers are hand tested by our techs to ensure the perfect hold for precision placement.

Isolation Tweezers

The second essential for volume lashes is a good set of isolation tweezers. Everyone’s isolation tweezer preference is different but ultimately it comes down to whether you like a curved isolation tweezer or a straight isolation tweezer. A great pair of isolation tweezers is essential for separating the lashes and isolating your target natural lash to apply your fan to. Personally, my preference is curved isolation but everyone’s different and what is most important is that the tweezer feels comfortable and natural in your hand!! Sometimes this means trying both and deciding which suits your volume lash needs most.

Lash Glue

Another essential: GLUE!! How the heck else are you going to adhere the lash? Lost Artistry offers three glues specially formulated to maximize retention on pre-made fans. Although these glues will offer you maximum retention on volume lash fans, they are also great daily users for your classic application clients! So whats the deal with the glues we offer?

Bondage Glue

Bondage: The name says it all.. This glue is like nothing you’ve ever tried.. With way higher than industry standard retention rates (up to 8 weeks) this glue is sure to blow your mind!! We have no doubts that you’ll be completely TIED to bondage after you try it. Our volume lashes Bondage Glue is a quick set glue with a dry time of 2-3 seconds, an ultra light weight thin viscosity which allows you to use only the tiniest amount of glue for maximum retention. Dip only the first 1-2mm of the fans base in glue, wipe any excess glue, place and hold. Once opened, bondage glue lasts up to three months in ideal storage conditions. For more information on storage check out our product description on the shop page. Prepare to see the best retention you’ve ever experienced.

Sensit-Eyes Glue

Sensit-Eyes: Again, the name says it all! Our volume lashes Sensit-Eyes Glue was specially formulate for clients who have medium to high sensitivities to other glues. All that considered, Sensit-eyes is still a great glue to use on clients even without sensitivities. With a dry time of 3-5 seconds, a retention rate of 6 weeks, low fume and thin viscosity, Sensit-eyes is a great glue to have in your arsenal.

Invisa-Bond Glue

Our Invisa-bond adhesive offers a fantastic retention rate and is perfect for colour lashes. It can exist in a wide range of temperature and humidity. Invisa-bond works in a wide range of rH between 40-60%.

  • Sets in 2-3 Seconds
  • Latex and formaldehyde free
  • Clear finish
  • Up to 6 week retention
  • Thin viscosity
  • Light weight

Quickie Glue

Our Quickie adhesive offers the fastest dry time at just 1.5 seconds. All of Lost Artistry Adhesives are formulated specifically for our pro-fan lashes, offering the longest possible retention rate and exceeding industry standards. Quickie works in a wide range of rH between 40-65%.

Other Volume Lash Essentials

Some other volume lash essentials include Superbonder, gel pads, wands, cream remover, inspection mirrors, etc., but these are all things that you are surely familiar with by now as you are already offering classic lashes 🙂

Bond-Aid Primer

Lost Artistry’s Bond-Aid Pre service Primer & Accelerator combo provides the optimal conditions for the best possible retention and works with ALL glues. Can also be used as an accelerator on the extensions prior to application creating a dry and primed surface for adhesion.

Consider Our Volume Lash KITS!

A great place to start your Volume Lash extensions journey is with one of our kit options. Lost Artistry offers both a small and a large kit with absolutely everything you need to jump-start your Volume lash journey, all at a discounted prices as well!! In addition to a small and large standard volume kit, Lost Artistry also offers a Mega Volume Starter kit but we always recommend mastering volume before Mega Volume!!


Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions at all we love chatting lashes and are here to help.