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Getting Started with Pro-Fans


So you’ve been trained in the art of Classic Lash application and you’ve MASTERED it! Huge congratulations on this, you’ve toughed through the hardest part and have come out on top. This is seriously something to be proud of because it IS NOT an easy thing to learn. Now that your big first goal has been met, are you ready to get started and your career to the next level? How about adding volume to your service list? I’m talking about increasing your INCOME but with an even better twist… Making more money while also saving TIME!!!!


As you know, lash courses aren’t cheap. There is no need to stress about the high cost of courses anymore. With the introduction and innovation of the Lost Artistry Lash Pro-Fan collection, you can now add Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume Lash services to your list with only your Classic Lash training.


The application of our pro-fan lashes is much the same as Classic with just a few adjustments. We have made tons of educational videos on this to help make the transition seamless. To find these you may check out our YouTube channel ‘Lost Artistry Lash’ or our Instagram @lostartistrylash – we post regularly on IGTV to keep the free education coming :)

You won’t want to miss our ‘Retention’ video as well as our ‘How-To’ blog post. These outline exactly how to pick up and lay the lash for the best possible retention.


Here are a few Pro-Fan options that both you and your clients will love as your start your volume lash journey. The below options are all 3D to 5D (3 to 5 individual 0.07 Classic lashes per fan) pro-fans, which I find to be a great starting point.

KAITLYN'S PICK: "I personally love all dimensions and curls of pro-fans because each client is unique in what they need, but think that 5D Short Stem Pro-Fans are the perfect place to start as they are right in the middle of volume - the wide fan offers full coverage, fluffy lashes that are not too dark, not too light, just right."


One essential tool for volume lashing is to have a good pair of volume tweezers. This will make picking up your fans much easier and will help ensure the fan doesn’t get compromised during pick up. It is advised to not use a standard Classic tweezer for the application of pro-fans or any volume lash service. We advise reading the descriptions to choose the best one for you as some are acetone friendly while others are not.

KAITLYN'S PICK: "The Volume Gold Member tweezer is my personal favourite for pro-fan pickup and application. The skinny base makes pickup of the fans a breeze and the lightweight of the tweezer helps to maintain wrist health."


You're always welcome to use the same Isolation tweezer for any lash service. However, if you feel like you are due for an upgrade, here are some options to choose from.

KAITLYN'S PICK: "I prefer a Curved Isolation tweezer, as the angle helps make isolation much easier and keeps your wrist happy."


Having the right glue for you is crucial - most artists don't even realize how important it is. When beginning a new type of service, you need a slower dry time glue that provides a bit extra wiggle room to master application.

Sensit-eyes is our 3 second dry time glue, offering the flexibility you are looking for. It is also our universal glue and is recommended for any corrective or directional application - including Classics!

KAITLYN'S PICK: "Even as an advanced artist, when I'm putting love into a set or working with direction on Classic lashes, this is my go-to glue."

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