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3D Wrapid Pro-Fan
3D Wrapid Pro-Fan
3D Wrapid Pro-Fan

3D Wrapid Pro-Fan

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A twist on our standard pro-fan. Without bonding at the base, these fans will wrap the natural lash as a handmade fan would. The only difference between Wrapids and handmade fans is that we have prepared the fan for you to save you time during your service. If you are unfamiliar with this product or want to see how it works watch this video.
Note: If you've mastered pro-fan application and are ready to step into volume this is a great introduction into handmade volume. We do not recommend Wrapids for beginners as there is a very specific pickup technique required in order to prevent the fans from falling apart.
  • No bonding at base
  • Ultra dark matte black
  • The only fans that can truly WRAP
  • Available in C and D curl
  • Available in 3D-6D
  • 540 fans per tray

Diameter: 0.07

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