Camellia Easy Fans

Camellia Easy Fans

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Camellia Easy Fan Lashes are staggered with multiple lengths in each row. This is not a mixed tray. Each row has three different lengths, which mimics the eyelashes natural growth cycle. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your lash set more easily than single length lashes.

We get it, learning to hand make volume fans is hard work and a long learning curve! Lost Artistry Easy Fan Lashes were created for a faster Volume application and are a great way to bridge the gap between classic and hand made volume. Perfect for hybrid, volume and MEGA volume sets, the unique base will prevent the lashes from separating allowing you to easily create the perfect fan. Ultra dark in colour with a curl that lasts! No matter what style your client desires, they’ll receive the perfect look for them!


  • Natural Matte
  • Ultra Dark Black
  • Eco-friendly tray
  • Now available in .03 .05 .07, C and D curl
  • Individual and Mixed 8-15mm Trays
  • 100% Vegan

All trays come with length indicator strips on each individual row to keep you organized and efficient! Trays have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray!!