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  • Suitable mapping for Almond, Round, Upturned, Downturned and Close Set Eyes
  • Suitable for normal-strong natural lashes
  • Suitable for downturned, straight or normal natural lash lift
  • This set includes enough lashes to complete approximately 120 full Classic sets of lashes or 240 fills without being limited to this one particular set of lashes.
With this set you will receive:
  • Mapping For This Set
  • Tutorial Video On This Particular Set
  • Classic Tutorial Video
  • Direction Explanation Video
  • Flat Lashes Video
  • Feathering Technique Explained Video
  • 15% off Lost Artistry Volume Mini Course of your choice
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How Shop This Set Works
Each Shop This Set bundle comes with an illustrated lash map, a map creation kit (including all lashes needed to execute the particular set) and detailed video tutorials. You can see all the mappings on live models before you buy AND the best part of all - you only pay for the products. All the education, mappings and videos are completely free and will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

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