dramatic open temporary eyelash extension set
model wearing dramatic open eye diy lash extensions
DIY Dramatic Open Eye
DIY Dramatic Open Eye
DIY Dramatic Open Eye
close up of Dramatic Open Eye diy lash extension tray
DIY Dramatic Open Eye
DIY Dramatic Open Eye
DIY Dramatic Open Eye

Citizen Lash

DIY Dramatic Open Eye

Sale price $38.00

You want your eyes to look bigger and you aren’t afraid of drama. Not ideal for first time lash wearers.

  • Density: High / Length: High
  • Vegan
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Cruelty free
  • Comfortable all day wear
  • Multidimensional - double layered
  • Small flexible bonding band
  • Reusable - Each set can be used 10+ times 
  • There are 6 full DIY eyelash extension sets per tray plus an additional full set of Minis 
  • Minis can be used for an ultra natural look, add to a mascara look to create a bit of extra texture or drama
    • A flick at the outer corner of the eye for a bit of an eyeliner effect
    • The lightest every day lash finish
    • Textured pieces across the eye - with or without fans
  • Each tray (if cared for properly) can get 60+ wears, making each wear cost as little as $0.66
  • Can stay on for multiple days, however, for sanitary purposes we recommend removing them nightly
  • Versatile lash placement - can be placed on top or underneath lash line 
  • Multiple looks can be achieved with each tray
  • For more of a dramatic look with any of the lash styles, stack fans by sandwiching the natural lashes between a top and bottom layer of extensions


temporary citizen false lash diy