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With this set you will learn:
  • Shop This Set exclusive LIVE MODEL tutorial on this lash style
  • Creating spikes to form the Wet Lash Look
  • How to create soft texture using the Feathering Lash Technique 
  • Styling Tips
  • Lash Assessment and Planning 

Notes about the set:

  • Suitable mapping for Almond, Round, Downturned or Close Set eyes.
  • Suitable for weak-strong natural lashes.
  • We strongly suggest having some Volume experience before diving into this set. Volume tweezers are not included, but are required to create this look. We recommend Grippopotamus Slim Boot or Grippopotamus Boot tweezer for this particular technique. Don’t use tweezers that have been used for higher diameter lashes.

The below products required to complete this set are not included in this bundle but can be purchased separately.