These are some of the best selling Lost Artistry products. Lash Bath and Sensi Bath will help elevate your lash game.

3 Products That Will Elevate Your Lash Game

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Whether you're a Lash Guru with magic hands, or an eager beginner seeking fun ways to bring in new clients- everyone should know about these three game changing products. Here at Lost Artistry, we want to help you create forever clients. Adding innovative products to your lash lineup will not only have your clients sticking around, but will have their lashes sticking around too!

What is Superbonder?

Superbonder is the end to all of the dreaded “My lashes keep falling out.” texts. It is one of our star products, and definitely an artist favourite. Give your clients super bonded lashes like they've never seen before. Lost Artistry’s Superbonder adds optimal elasticity to any adhesive used on lashes, minimizing breakage and maximizing lasting time.

How To: Superbonder

As your final service step, using one of our Lost Artistry Micro Swabs, dip into a small amount of our Superbonder. Apply to the lash bond brushing away from the base of the lash upward, avoiding the skin and eyes. Clients are able to wet their lashes three minutes post Superbonder application and will experience lasting retention like never before!

Lost Artistry Lash Cleansers

This is the perfect product to have stocked up in your lashing space. This multipurpose life saver can be used pre lash appointment to any set, and also can be sold as an aftercare product. Using this on clients before working your magic will remove any built up residue and leftover makeup laying around, giving you a sparkling clean slate for lash application. Your clients have just spent a healthy amount on a brand new set, and we want to keep them looking prestigious. Maximize your earnings by selling this product as aftercare at 100% markup! After all your clients are walking advertisements - your sets need to be looking fresh! Here at Lost Artistry we offer a variety of Aftercare products - you can check them all out here.

How To: Lash Cleanser

Using our Lost Artistry Lash Brush, pump a dime size of foam to the tip of the bristles and gently brush in strokes from the base of the lash outwards. Rinse with warm water and continue on with your day! This can be done first thing in the morning, or as your last step of your nighttime beauty routine.

Lost Artistry LED Light

You’ve never experienced brightness until you've switched on our Lost Artistry LED Light during a service. Advanced technology makes this light brighter and whiter than the leading industry standard. With adjustable lamp heads, you can focus the light exactly where you need it, making isolation and laying the lash much easier than ever before. Its matte black finish adds a sleek and sophisticated addition to your studio or lashing space. This comes with a carrying case, a remote for easy on-and-off access and an adjustable phone holder for selfies videos and pictures!

These 3 secret weapons are guaranteed to up your lash game and create an elevated experience like no other for your clients. Enjoy the process just as much as your clients do! Happy lashing babes!

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Ty Cronk

Ty Cronk

Superbonder is my everything, lol

Superbonder is my everything, lol

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