Wispy Lash Styling Webinar
Wispy Lash Styling Webinar

Lost Artistry Training Academy

Wispy Lash Styling Webinar

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When: Original webinar was recorded live but you can still gain all knowledge by signing up today. 

Where: Online - Join us from anywhere in the world! No need to sign in at any particular time. LIFETIME access.

Join us for a transformative lash education experience! Suzannah, incredibly talented Wispy Lash specialist from London, UK @amorbeautyldn, and Kaitlyn, the accomplished owner and lead educator of global lash brand Lost Artistry Lash, @lostartistrylash invite you to an exclusive online webinar. This comprehensive 2+ hour journey delves into the intricacies of the most highly sought-after wispy lash styles, meticulously selected for their distinct technical requirements, unique mappings, and specialized techniques.

Both educators have strategically curated this curriculum to empower attendees, regardless of their experience level, with the knowledge and proficiency to master diverse wispy lash styles that are sure to broaden their customer reach. The versatility in these meticulously chosen styles equips participants with the skills to offer an expanded array of lash services, instilling the confidence and artistic design needed to customize lash mappings for clients of varying preferences.

Open to lash artists of all levels, this course promises a professional and enriching experience, delivering invaluable insights that transcend skill boundaries. Elevate your lash artistry, refine your technique, and cultivate a nuanced understanding of the industry's most sought-after styles. Sign up now for the opportunity to refine your craft and propel your lash career to new heights.

The Styles We Will Cover:

  1. Wet Lash Looks
  2. Signature Strip Lash 
  3. Anime Lash Looks
  4. Wispy Hybrid Lash Sets

A brief overview of what will be covered:  

  • Styling Knowledge
  • Detailed mappings will be provided and explained for all lash sets 
  • Creating clean, wispy lash styles using Classic Lashes for spikes
  • Creating clean, wispy lash styles using a blend of wet lashes and volume lash fans 
  • How to confidently create a perfect strip lash look without worrying about lash layers
  • 2-3 Layered Lash Mapping 
  • Discussion on the versatile product range that can be used to create each look; eg. Easy Fans vs. Pre Made Fans vs. Handmade Lash Fans - How to know when to use each and if there is a right or wrong
  • Understanding the impact of length variations 
  • Determining the appropriate diameters, dimensions, lengths and curls to use to successfully create your lash design while complimenting your clients unique facial features. 
  • The importance of direction and how it can/will affect your lash design 
  • How to turn any dramatic lash mapping into a natural style and vice versa
  • Pre-recorded Q&A session with the educators

What is included:

  • Worldwide access
  • All attendees will get a mini online manual of the material (including mappings) covered during the webinar
  • Access to exclusive Lash Tutorials including 'Master Wet Lash Fanning' 
  • Exclusive discount code to shop trainings and lash supplies