Light Brown Classic Lash Extensions
Light Brown Classic Lash Extensions
Dark Brown Classic Lash Extensions

Lost Artistry Lash

Brown Classic Lash Extensions

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Our Brown Classic Lash Extension Collection offers two different shades of brown to suit the widest variety of clients possible. These lashes are perfect for:
  • clients with a fair skin tone where black lashes may create harshness against the skin
  • clients who have light natural lashes and want to avoid the 'rooted' effect where you can see the light natural lashes growing out underneath the black extensions
  • someone who wants a natural lash look
  • blending with black lash extensions to create a soft, blended finish

Although very similar to our standard line, the upgraded fibre offers a more porous surface area which is better for adhesion and retention. Our latest lash fiber features a double heated curl, providing unparalleled resilience, even for clients with the most active lifestyles. Expect a softer, darker, matte finish with our new range. 

Each tray includes approximately 5000 classic lashes and foil backs for easy removal.