Flat Lash Pre-Mades
Flat Lash Pre-Mades
Flat Lash Pre-Mades
Flat Lash Pre-Mades

Lost Artistry Lash

Flat Lash Pre-Mades

Sale price $45.00 CAD
Length:Mixed 7-15

Flat Lash Premade Fans are exactly how they sound. They are premade fans made from ultra lightweight .15 Flat Lashes, offering the same width as .15 Classic Lashes but with 40% less weight. This creates significantly more darkness when compared to the same dimension in our standard Premade Fans. 

These lashes create a beautifully dark lash set when used for an entire set and can also blend perfectly with classic lashes, flat lashes, wet lashes, easy fans or any other fan type of your choice. There is no right or wrong.

Apply them just like you would your regular Premade Fan from under or over the natural lash. These are not meant to be applied to the side of the natural lash.

If a natural lash can handle a: 

  • Standard 10D Fan, you can use up to 6D Flat Lash Premade
  • Standard 9D Fan, you can use up to a 5D Flat Lash Premade
  • Standard 7D Fan, you can use up to a 4D Flat Lash Premade
  • Standard 5D Fan, you can use up to a 3D Flat Lash Premade


  • Diameter: .15
  • Darkest Premade Fan Available
  • Ultra Dark Black
  • Fan Type is in between Short and Mid Stem Lashes, blending seamlessly with any fan type.