At Lost Artistry, our passion is to offer top-notch, creative, and budget-friendly lash products alongside accessible global lash education. With over fourteen years of industry experience, our founder, Kaitlyn Elford, is dedicated to sharing her extensive lash expertise with enthusiasts worldwide.

Kaitlyn's lash journey began humbly, providing lash extensions from her mother-in-law's couch while caring for her newborn son, unable to afford a dedicated lash space. Through perseverance, she and her husband transitioned to a modest three-bedroom apartment, dedicating one room to lash services. After two years of home-based operation, networking, and diligent saving, they expanded into a full-service salon and lash bar.

Driven by the challenge of sourcing high-quality, affordable lash extension supplies for their growing team, Kaitlyn decided to start the Lost Artistry Lash product line and training institute.

Years of unwavering commitment later, Lost Artistry stands as one of the premier lash brands globally. From our 7000 sqft warehouse in Victoria, B.C., Kaitlyn, her husband, and a team of 17 talented individuals work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled customer service, comprehensive lash education, and groundbreaking products. We're immensely grateful for your support on this incredible journey, and we're thrilled to have you as part of the Lost Artistry community.

kaitlyn lashing a client

"I started Lost Artistry Lash because I believed the Industry needed a reliable lash extension company that offered not only high quality products but the tools and education necessary to use them with ease. I had no support while trying to grow my own lash business. It was frustrating and discouraging. I never want anyone to feel the way I did so have made it my mission to offer the most extensive training and free education the industry is yet to see. I simply love watching artists blossom within their careers while using our products and guidance."