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Founder & Owner
Kaitlyn Elford lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. She’s a hard working Mama of two beautiful boys (three if you count her husband)! You can find her hard at work to grow her business, cuddling her kidlets or… doing laundry… mostly doing laundry!

I started Lost Artistry Pre fans for one simple reason: to fill a need in the lash world.

While running my local salon and lash bar in beautiful Victoria, BC I noticed that technicians were struggling with volume lash success for five reasons:

  1. High training costs
  2. Slow learning curve
  3. Inconsistent fans
  4. Poor retention
  5. Proper application takes a lonnnnnng time!

Eager to resolve these issues for lash techs everywhere, my team of amazing girls and I set out on a mission to create something new and special we could be proud of.

Our pre-fanned volume lashes cut application times way down, achieve a perfect light-weight finish every time, and are just as easy to apply as classic lashes so you can skip the expensive, unnecessary volume lash courses.

It’s my goal for our products to help you, as a technician to thrive in your business and flourish in to the most incredible lash tech you can possibly be. So that you can be stress free, with happy and more than satisfied clients.

The application of our pre fanned lashes is much the same as classic with just a few tweaks. We have made tons of educational videos on this to help make the transition seamless. To find these you may check out our Youtube channel ‘Lost Artistry Lash’ or our Instagram @lostartistrylash.