Pre-Made Spikes
Pre-Made Spikes
Pre-Made Spikes

Lost Artistry Lash

Pre-Made Spikes

Sale price $34.00
Length:Mixed 7-9

Lost Artistry’s Pre-Made Spikes are handmade fans that have not been fanned, also known as “wet lash” or “unfanning” in the lash industry. The spike consists of multiple 0.07 volume lashes perfectly bundled to create a spiked look that resembles the shape of a classic lash but has a voluminous touch that only volume lashes can create. Trending looks demand spiked lashes, but they take technique and training to master, so here is your shortcut. Simply treat them as you would a classic lash to save yourself time during services.

  • Saves fanning time leading to faster services
  • Perfect for trending wispy, anime and strip lash looks 
  • 800 spikes per tray
  • Available in 0.07 5D C, CC and D curl in mixed length trays in 7-20mm
  • 4+ full sets from one tray or 8+ fills
  • Works out to $0.06 per spike or roughly $10 product cost per set