Founder Kaitlyn Elford applying a set of lashes to her client. Kaitlyn displays all of the lovely qualities in a lash artists that clients should look for.

5 Things That Tell You Your Lash Artist Is “The One”

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Getting lash extensions for the first time can be intimidating for a lot of people. It can be hard to shop around for a lash artist when there are so many people advertising their businesses all over social media. This can be overwhelming because from an internet perspective, everyone looks good! Realistically you’ll have to “kiss a few frogs before you find your prince”. Searching online for “lash artists in my area” is a great way to start. There are a few qualities of a lash artist we recommend looking for when you’re trying to find your go-to-lash babe!

  1. Strict Sanitation Protocols.
    Really making it a point to ask the lash artist about clarity on their sanitation protocols is a must. Your artist should be providing a safe, cleanly and well taken care of space, not only for your health and safety but for their own as well. If they can’t keep their space and their tools clean, how are you going to trust them to take care of your lashes in a sanitary way?
  2. Your artist should show they care.
    During a first consultation, a good lash artist will make it known that they care about having you as a new client, as well as your comfort and preferences throughout the appointment(s). The artist should be making you feel welcome, and cared for throughout the whole duration of your time together. Look for a lash artist who is also wanting to bless you with knowledge about the health of your natural lashes, and how to properly keep them in good condition between appointments. Oftentimes people who are new to getting lashes don't realize all of the upkeep that goes into having a set- your lash artist should talk to you about that sort of thing. Another good indication that your lash artist is the right fit, is if you genuinely just vibe. Having a personal connection with someone is also important. This totally doesn't happen right off the bat, but usually your first interaction with someone will be a good indication if your personalities fit!
  3. Does your artist educate you?
    Artists who are wanting to share their world of lashing knowledge are proud of what they do. If an artist is informative and loves to teach you about the types of lashes they’re using, their tools and “what why how”s of lashing, chances are they’re about to whip up an immaculate set to show you they mean business about their craft. Being new to receiving lash services, education is a huge part of a consultation/service.
  4. Scheduling is taken seriously.
    Of course life can be crazy and things may pop up causing your artist to reschedule appointments. But with that being said, pay attention to how often this happens. If this becomes an ongoing issue, causing constant shifts in your personal schedule- take it into consideration. You need a lash artist who doesn’t only respect their time, they respect yours as well. If they can’t nail down their own schedules, how can they respect your schedule?
  5. You see consistency in their work.
    Be attentive to their instagram or business profiles. Firstly make sure that their style of work fits your needs. I would even recommend messaging some of their instagram followers or facebook friends to ask about their experience being lashed by that particular artist. After a few appointments, you’ll be able to really tell if your lash artist is delivering consistent quality work. If you're spending your hard earned money on lashes, you should be receiving results you absolutely love. Another thing to keep in mind is if your lash artist takes your preferences or criticism seriously. Be attentive to how your lashes look after you request more volume, or ask for more of a cat eye shape.

Don't be discouraged if the first person you go to doesn't quite fit the bill. If your lash artist checks off all of these boxes-you’ve found the one!

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