Wear Eye Makeup Safely with Lash Extensions

To all the makeup lovers out there- we know that there’s nothing more satisfying than a crisp winged liner. We have some tips and tricks to eye makeup with lash extensions, so you never have to sacrifice your bold cat eye. 

Please keep up with your sharp statement wings, but do it safely. The most common misconception of wearing lashes is that “you CANNOT wear eyeliner”. This is partly true. In reality, any products that contain oils can break down the glue of your lash extensions. Wearing waterproof liquid eyeliner means a rough oily removal of the eyeliner. To combat this, we recommend using powder eyeliner or oil free water activated liner. Products that remove easily will be your best friend when it comes to working around your extensions.

Remember to always be gentle!
There is nothing worse than rubbing and scrubbing away at your eye makeup. This not only causes soreness, but damage to your lash bed and lash extensions. Using an oil free gentle makeup remover or a cleansing water helps softly get rid of any residue or product without sacrificing the health of your lashes.

It’s suggested to not put mascara on top of your extensions, but safe if done right.

Mascaras are predominantly oil based. Water proof or oil based mascaras will need oil based remover, and this will dissolve lash glue and shorten the life of your set. Another issue with coating your lashes in mascara, is that the mascara brush can be coarse and clumpy. This will result in lashes being tugged at and potentially ripped off. If you do choose to wear mascara, it’s suggested to use mascaras that are deemed lash safe and are water based. Look for anything oil free! These are reasonably easier to take off and definitely more gentle to our beautiful hand crafted sets.

Be attentive to makeup removal. This is so crucial. The health of your natural lashes and your extensions depend on you- your lash artist will thank you in the end as well!

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