Lashing A Pregnant Client

Lashing A Pregnant Client

Sooner or later in your lashing career, you’ll end up having to lash a lovely pregnant mamma!

Yes, pregnant women can get eyelash extensions. In the instance that you book in an appointment with a pregnant client, we’re giving you all the tips to be fully prepared. The main goal of this appointment is to make your pregnant client as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Keep your glue/product fumes at bay.
Try using a sensitive glue like Lost Artistry Sensit-Eyes. Sensitive glues tend to have slightly less cyanoacrylate than other glues, which reduces fumes.

Lost Artistry’s Freshi product does wonders for controlling the strength of product fumes. Freshi is set beside your clients head while lashing or on top of your lash cart during a service and sucks in any lingering glue fumes. This can make the appointment more comfortable for your client, but for you as the lash artist as well!


Make sure your lash bed is as comfortable as humanly possible! Pregnant clients usually are more comfy when laying in a slightly upright position. Make sure you’re actively communicating and asking about their comfort levels, if they’re not snoozing of course! Having a saddle chair on hand for yourself would be key in this situation, so you can adjust yourself to their adjusted height of the bed.

Get ready for lots of bathroom breaks!
From experience, pregnant clients usually have to run to the bathroom a few times during a service. Make sure you schedule more than enough time with these clients. For example, if you’re offering a 2 hour full classic set, book your pregnant client in for 2.5 hours. This will give some flexibility for bed adjustments and bathroom breaks!

Keep your space calm.
Try skipping out on the upbeat heavy rock music for this appointment people. Create a spa experience. Try playing some zen spa music, offer blankets, lots of pillows and some water. When lashing pregnant clients, keep some body pillows around as they are nice for some side support or feel great wedged under the clients back. Possibly give your clients the option to bring anything along to their appointment that would make them more comfortable.

Follow all these tips to create maximum comfort for your pregnant client.

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