Must-Have Everyday Lash Supplies

Must Have Everyday Lash Supplies

The products we use can play a huge role in the outcome of our lash sets and our daily lashing experience. By having good quality products on hand our services can become faster, smoother and much less stressful all around. Here is a list of the top must-have lash supplies that are always in cart. They are the products I reach for every day to not only improve my retention but also to assist me through every eyelash service.


Foam Cleanser

Why have Foam Cleanser at your station and in your lash studio? 

You never know what condition your clients' lashes will be in when they walk through your doors.They could have makeup on, build up in the lash line of dust/debris, or simply oily skin that can break down the bond between the extension and the natural lash.

Whatever the case, a Foam Cleanser is a definite must for a thorough and effective clean. Lost Artistry’s Foam Cleanser is not just your general lash cleanser, it is also a lash extension safe makeup remover which will leave your clients' lashes squeaky clean and help promote a magnetic bond, resulting in the best possible lash retention. Not to mention it’s a heck of a pay increase if you upsell it as a lash aftercare product to your clients! 

Lost Artistry’s Foam Cleanser

At Lost Artistry we like to give every one of our clients a complementary lash cleanse at the beginning of their service, even if their lashes appear to be clean. Our clients love it because they feel like they are getting a spa treatment and us artists love how it not only speeds up our lash services by helping create a seamless bond experience but it also helps the eye pads stick to the under eyes better and promotes easier advanced isolation techniques. 

Ok, I know you have been wondering about the details on upselling it to clients. Lost Artistry sells their Foam Cleanser and Sensi Bath in bulk and at wholesale pricing which means you can mark them up for retail to your clients by 50-100%! On top of that, your clients will love how healthy their natural lashes will stay beneath the extensions and how fresh they feel when they use it.

Click here to watch “How to” Lash Cleansing video



Bond·Aid Primer

Why should we prime before starting our service?

Lost Artistry: Bond·Aid primer

Think of it like painting a wall in your house. Before you begin painting, a base coat primer is needed to prepare it for the final colour. If you skip out on the primer, you will likely have a lot of trouble painting the wall and will be much less efficient. The same goes for lashing. To get the best results, using a primer as a base will ensure the application of the product is breezy. The glue will act magnetic, the hold will be strong because of a seamless application and in turn,  retention will just be better. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to lashing if we want our job to be stress free and just downright good!

What is a primer?

Bond·Aid primer is a pre-service treatment used to strip the natural lashes of natural oils and debris while creating a pH balanced surface that encourages faster, more effective application of eyelash extensions. 

This product also assists in retention by helping our glue polymerize faster. Once the extension has been placed on the natural lash, the primer accelerates the glue cure time, making application faster and more effective.

Click here to watch “How to” Bond·Aid Primer Video



Eye Pads

Eye pads are used to secure the bottom eyelid lashes down so we don’t accidentally attach eyelashes to them. Eye pads also protect the clients under eye area, making it safe for you to work on with sharp tweezers without hurting the client.

Personally speaking, they are much more effective than tape because they are thicker (offering additional protection) but also because they are large and white. It is so much easier to see the darker natural lashes with the white contrast of the pads. Not to mention, there is so much room to draw your mapping!  

There’s more… 

In lieu of placing eye pads under the eyes, you can also use them for advanced isolation methods where working in layers is a must.

Here are a few tutorials where we work with eye pads to isolate the inner/ outer corners and lash in layers:

 Lost Artistry: Eye Pad

Micropore Tape

Lost Artistry: Micropore Tape

You can never go wrong with having micropore tape on hand! It's one of the products artists seem to reach for the most while lashing because of its multi-purpose functions. Use micropore tape to secure your eye pads, isolate any section of the eye, expose layers, pull back eyelid skin or even on your jade stone to keep your glue from slipping around the tile and for easier clean up post service.

Important Note: 

When using tape on the lash extensions for isolation de-tack well prior to using to avoid pulling or removing extensions when releasing the tape.



Lost Artistry: Freshi

A product that you and your clients will both love. 

Whether you are a lash artist, a lash customer, or both, you are being exposed to glue fumes. Although there is no proof of glue fumes being harmful to ingest, we should still aim to lessen the amount we are exposed to them. This is where Freshi comes in handy. It is designed to absorb glue fumes from the air and trap them into this tiny bottle. This helps us breathe them in less but also helps attract the fumes away from our precious clients eyes which in turn reduces the likelihood of sensitivities occurring post service.



Super Bonder

Lost Artistry: Superbonder

Super Bonder is a post service product that has a list of benefits that is just about as long as Santa’s wish list. It’s kind of our “all in one” treatment here at Lost Artistry. 

Benefits Include: 

  1. Improved Retention

  2. Seals the lashes post service without shock curing

  3. Locks in glue fumes

  4. Lessens likelihood of reactions occurring 

  5. Adds elasticity to the glue hold 

  6. Allows lashes to fully cure within 2 minutes, in turn allowing the client to get their lashes wet after 2 minutes of application

  7. Keeps handmade fan form for longer 

  8. Creates an oil resistance to the glue


Nano Mister

I’m going to be real with this one. This product just down right feels like HEAVEN on the eyes after a long lash service. It’s main purpose is to cure the lashes post service to lock in fumes and lessen irritation but if you’re using Super Bonder, the lashes have already been cured. That doesn’t mean there is no place for the Nano Mister though, especially if you are the type of artist who wants to give your clients the most high end service. My clients are so obsessed with mine that even before it’s time to offer the Nano Mist, they will ask for it. The Nano Mister opens up to present a fan type fine, cooling mist sensation that feels like a spa treatment of sorts. It’s simply the best, nicest, most relaxing way to end a lash service. Period.

Creating a flawless lash set is only half the battle, but to speed through your services and blow your clients away with award winning retention will have them coming back again and AGAIN! By using these products in conjunction with one another for each and every service, your clients will be happier than ever and will keep your business growing just how you envision it to <3

Lost Artistry: Nano Mister

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Mankone Job

Mankone Job

I haven’t used your products but I have learnt so much from your lashing tips
Looking forward to buying your products

I haven’t used your products but I have learnt so much from your lashing tips
Looking forward to buying your products

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