Superbonder VS Nano Mister

Superbonder VS Nano Mister

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The big question: Can you use Superbonder and Nano Mister together? In this blog you will read about both products and how they work individually as well as with one another.

What is Superbonder?


Superbonder is a Lost Artistry Lash sealant product that is used upon completion of every lash service. (Fills, full sets, volume, classic, any service you offer.) Superbonder seals the adhesive, allowing the ability to get the eyelash extensions wet immediately after a service, lessens the likelihood of client irritation post service, allows the lashes to be more resistant to natural oils along the lash line, elongates the retention expectancy of the lash set and makes the bond flexible, in turn lessens the likelihood of the extension popping off when it is pressed against an object (such as a pillow while sleeping).


How to use Superbonder

  1. Once the lash set is complete, wait two minutes to allow a little additional cure time for the glue. (We suggest using a fan during this time.) 
  2. Grab 2 micro swab applicators. Dip one into the Superbonder bottle.
  3. To ensure no product gets in the eyes, transfer some of the product onto the second microswab. (Make sure both micro swabs are not oversaturated, you may use a glue wipe to dab excess product if necessary.)
  4. Apply product to the base of the extensions across both eyes (the bonding point). Do not double dip a used micro swab back into the bottle.
  5. Once the product has been applied across both eyes, wait another 2 minutes for the product to dry. (Use a fan.)

Watch this video for a tutorial 


What is a Nano Mister?


All eyelash extension adhesives require moisture to cure. The more moisture present while lashing, the faster the adhesive will cure. Although this is true, we can’t just mist water on our lashes during our services as we run the risk of curing the glue too fast if too much moisture is present. By curing faster than recommended, the bond of the extensions could become weakened and poor. However, once the lash set has been completed, we can finish the curing process in a safe and controlled manner by using a Nano Mister. This product, too, is used post any lash service to cure the extensions, lock in glue fumes, soothe the eyes and help elongate lash retention. It also helps give the extensions a cure boost for those who have low humidity within their lash rooms and feels lovely for the client post service.


How to use a Nano Mister

  1. Once the lash set is complete, wait two minutes to allow additional cure time for the glue. (we suggest using a fan during this time) 
  2. Hold the Nano Mister approximately 30 cm from the client's face. Do not hold closer to eyes, the moisture should not make the clients face visibly wet
  3. Gently slide down the front bottom cover of the Nano Mister to dispense mist 
  4. Allow the mist to slowly circulate above both eyes, gradually moving from eye to eye to evenly coat both eyes.
  5. The Nano Mister will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of use - there is no need to dispense more than one cycle of mist per client

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up your Nano Mister  


Can Nano Mister and Superbonder be used together?

Oh, heck yeah. They are an unbeatable duo that will have your clients screaming from the rooftops about how incredible their lash retention has been since you have started using these products on them. 

Although both have similar benefits, they complement one another well.

Here’s why: Since Superbonder is a consistent makeup (component wise), every time it is used, it is a more controlled method of sealing the extensions post service whereas Nano Mister if held too close to the eye or over used can Shock Cure the extensions. With that said, Superbonder simply cannot compete with the soothing, cooling effect the Nano Mister offers. Clients really appreciate a Nano mist once their service has finished because it feels fresh and relaxes the eyes after a long lash appointment, allowing a much gentler and easier welcome back to the real world. My top suggestion when using them together is to first follow the Superbonder steps, wait 2 minutes and continue with a nano mist. 

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