Lash Extension Products

Where to Start

Glue: The glues you use, and how you use them, will directly affect your success in the industry. If you aren’t using the right glue for your environment or don’t know how to control your lash environment and properly store or use your glue, you may lose customers due to avoidable factors such as poor retention or sensitivities. This is especially important for volume services. If we find ourselves using an improper glue to create lash fans, the service itself will be very difficult, as the fan can easily close up or become nearly impossible to wrap around the natural lash.

Glue Components: The main ingredient in most lash glues is Cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate polymerizes when introduced to moisture in the air - turning from a liquid to a solid. This ingredient affects how strong or weak a glue may be, as well as how quickly the glue will cure. Unfortunately, this is also the ingredient that most clients will be sensitive or allergic to. ‘Sensitive’ glues have a lower percentage of cyanoacrylate in them, or no cyanoacrylate at all, reducing the chances of your client having a reaction. The reduced cyanoacrylate also means that the glue may take a little bit longer to cure.

Because cyanoacrylate needs moisture to polymerize, the humidity of your lash room is extremely important. Humidity directly affects the retention and dry time of your glue. If your room has lots of moisture in the air, your glue will cure very fast, sometimes so fast that the glue may cure before reaching the natural lash. If there is not enough moisture in your room, then your glue will take too long to cure, potentially causing ‘stickies’. Both extremes of humidity are not ideal for long lasting lash extensions or for creating a stress-free lash environment for you as the artist.

Lost Artistry lash glues work well in a wide range of relative humidity (rH). Relative humidity refers to how much water vapor is in the air compared to how much it could hold at that temperature. We always recommend working within the range suggested for your specific glue. The exact humidity required for volume lashing is unique to you and your lashing environment. Temperature is equally as important and should be somewhere around 20-21°C.

Tweezers: When it comes to the reliability and quality of a pair of tweezers, they're, unfortunately, not all created equal. Great lash tweezers should be made of high quality steel. A good quality tweezer can be magnetic or not and lightweight or heavy, it really depends on the material composition. No matter which type you choose, be sure to order from a reputable, trustworthy company that puts love into their products.

Volume Lashes: Choosing the right lash tray for you

Standard: We have designed our Standard Volume lashes with an extra sticky strip and a soft taper at the tips of each lash fiber. The stickiness of the strip makes this lash type a great choice for handmade volume lash artists who prefer the 'fanning off the strip' or 'lonely fan' method. The light taper at the tips also makes this lash type suitable for wet lash services, as the tips have more structure, making them easier to pick up and maintain their closed fan shape.

Ultra Dark: Our Ultra Dark Lash collection has been designed with artists who prefer the ‘pinching’ and/or ‘shimmy’ methods in mind. We have crafted the lash fibres to begin tapering closer to the middle of the lash as apposed to the tips like our standard volume. The lower taper creates more space between each individual lash on the strip, encouraging the fans to fall open as soon as you pick them up. A handmade volume lash artists dream.

Matte: Our Matte Collection is the best of both worlds. The taper begins just higher than the middle of the lash fibre and the sticky strip is sticky, but not overly, making this lash type ideal for most lash artists, no matter their fanning method.

Lash Supplies + Education

We offer a large range of eyelash extension supplies and are passionate about accessible lash education for everyone. Free lash education has been a top priority for Lost Artistry on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok since 2018. Make sure to follow us for daily tips and tricks.