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V Neck Lashes
V Neck Lashes
V Neck Lashes
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Lost Artistry Lash

Specialty Lashes

Sale price$23.00 CAD
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Lost Artistry's Speciality Lashes are a staple if you are wanting to create the most sought after trending lash styles in the industry. Combined with the fullness of Volume lashes but the simplicity of Classic lash application. These 2-6D volume fans come accustomed with a flat, long stem base which makes application a breeze, ensuring an effortless, quick application process. The innovative V, YY, W and Clover shape creates the perfect base for wispy styles. Feel free to use them solo or blend them with classics, wet lashes, pre mades or handmade fans of any sort. There is no right or wrong way to use them.


YY: Split tips that spread out in to a Y shape - .07 diameter / 2D appearance with a double layer for added darkness, equaling 4D total

Clover: 3D .07 diameter lash fans in the shape of a W originating from a flat base - no split tip

W Lashes: Same shape and diameter as Clover lashes but each fan comes equipped with a double layer of .07 diameter lashes to create additional darkness and drama to any lash set. Although this fan looks like a 3D, it is considered a 6D fan. No split tip.

V Neck: 2D fans made of .15 diameter split tip flat lashes in the shape of a V, creating a lightweight, yet ultra dark finish. *Do not use Foreplay, Superbonder or Primers on the V Neck lash strip.*

How To Use:

Right-Handed Artists: Simply grip the lash the same way that you would pick up a classic lash. The V Neck will easily release creating a perfect 2D V shaped fan.

Left-Handed Artists: Flip tray upside down, then grip the lash the same way you would pick up a classic lash. The V neck will easily release creating a perfect 2D V shaped fan, however it will be upside down. Lay the fan down on the tray, reposition, and grip the fan however you need to lay the lash. 

FAQ: Are these going to be too heavy as they are two .15 lashes? 

No! They're made from an extremely light weight flat lash that has had the top and bottom cross sections removed. One V neck fan, weighs approximately the same as a standard .15 classic.


  • Matte finish
  • Ultra Dark Black Color
  • Available in C, CC, and D curls
  • Eco-Friendly Tray
  • 20 strips per tray (Clover, YY, W) 16 strips for V Neck lashes
  • Lightweight 0.07 diameter Cashmere Flat Lash (.15 for V Neck)
  • Individual Length and Mixed 8-15mm Trays • 100% Vegan

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