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The Lost Artistry Mapping Booklet- All Looks
Mapping Booklet

Lost Artistry Lash

Mapping Booklet

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The Lost Artistry Mapping Booklet is the most comprehensive, detailed lash mapping booklet you will find. Filled with versatile style options that are sure to satisfy clients of all ages, no matter the service type or style preferences they have.

It is intended to level up your lash game to the most elite artistry, regardless of your experience.

This is a great tool to keep on display in your salon for client set inspiration - especially for those more indecisive clients who have a hard time verbalizing their desires.

The Mapping Booklet is loaded with free tips and tricks from beginner all the way to mastery, including coloured and trending lash styles such as Anime, Wet Lash, and many more. Easy-to-scan QR codes with video tutorials on how to master the mappings provided throughout with not only the map details, but exactly how to execute on every eye shape.