Isolation - Curved - Ultra
Isolation - Curved - Ultra
Isolation - Curved - Ultra

Isolation - Curved


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Lost Artistry Ultra Curved Isolation tweezers are the perfect tweezers for isolating the natural lashes during any lash service. With a curved fine point tip and an ergonomic design, these tweezers make isolation a breeze. Ultra light weight with a matte black finish and a beautiful double gold coating on the tip.

  • NOT acetone friendly
  • Precision tip
  • Perfect isolation angle
  • Ergonomic
  • 4 ¾ inches long from tip to end

Note: Our Ultra Tweezers include a beautiful matte black finish, which unfortunately cannot be submerged in any cleaning solution (i.e. Glue-Gone, Pre-empt, Acetone, or Barbicide) but cleaning your tweezers is still very important. To clean our Ultra Tweezers, submerge just the gold tip in your preferred cleaning solution to avoid chipping or compromising the matte black coating.

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