Volume - Microfiber J Curve - Grippopotamus
Volume - Microfiber J Curve - Grippopotamus

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Volume - Microfiber J Curve - Grippopotamus

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Our Grippopotamus line of tweezers are designed to be very sturdy but lightweight which helps with grip and ergonomics. Microfiber tip inside for maximum grip. 

  • The Microfiber Volume J Curve Grippopotamus Tweezer is ideal for:
    • Pre-fan, .03, .05, .07 or .10 diameter handmade and mega volume 
    • If working with handmade volume, these are most ideal for artists with some Volume experience. Not ideal for beginners as the thin body makes pick up and pressure technique experience important.
    • Great tweezer option for Pinch, Shimmy or Fanning off the Strip Method
  • Very large sweet spot
  • Powder matte finish
  • Ultra lightweight (light tension needed) 
  • Acetone friendly
  • 5 inches long from tip to end
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