standard hybrid lash set on a client

All about Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of Classic and Volume lashes, making them a perfect introduction to Volume lashing as a seasoned Classic lash artist. When creating a hybrid set, we most often evenly distribute 50% Volume Lash fans with 50% Classic Lashes. There are no rules when it comes to how you blend the two lash types together. This is where your creativity can shine. Volume lash dimensions between 2-6D and any diameter of classic or flat lashes are generally used in Hybrid lash sets. The result is a perfect mix between the two services that is more profitable than Classics for you as the artist but more affordable for the client than Volume.

Here is an example of a light hybrid lash set:

light hybrid lash set 

Often when clients ask for Hybrid lashes they expect texture. Be sure to ask your client if texture is what they want before adding longer length classics within each section, or applying them to the top layer. There is a chance that your client actually just wants a more affordable option than Volume but still wants a uniform finish. If this is the case, and your client isn’t actually looking for texture, you may want to use classic lashes in shorter lengths or diameters, or work with layers to prevent texture from forming naturally due to the classic lashes being quite pointy. We will explain this technique later on.

If you discover that the reason your client wants a hybrid set is for darkness, you can increase the diameter on your classic or flat lashes, or increase the dimension as high as 6D volume throughout. If this still doesn’t add the darkness they are going for, suggest moving to a dense Volume set instead. Sometimes clients are hesitant to request Volume even though they want darkness because a Volume service is more expensive. Be cautious of this, as it is easy to get taken advantage of when working with hybrids. Clients sometimes come back and say things like “Add more volume for this one.” and before you know it, you’re doing a full volume set for a hybrid price. Be sure to set strict pricing guidelines and stick to them.

a chart displaying the differences between a hybrid lash set, a volume lash set, and a mega volume lash set

When building a Hybrid set, figure out your mapping, then start forming your shape by building your Classic set, evenly distributing the Classics throughout both eyes for balance. Once your Classic set is complete (50% coverage) move on to Volume and complete the remaining 50% of the set. By evenly distributing the lashes, the set will look complete no matter what. Follow the standard balancing technique under section “Creating Balance”.

Here is an example of a dramatic hybrid lash set:

dramatic hybrid lash set

Hybrid Pricing

The price you charge for a Hybrid lash set should be somewhere between your chosen Classic and Volume service pricing. If you stick to the standard 50% Classic 50% Volume application, we suggest charging right between the two. For example, if your Volume lash full set pricing is $180 and your Classic is $110, consider charging $145 for a full set of Hybrid lashes.

Since lashing is your art piece and clients have all sorts of unique lash requests, there is no reason why you can’t “break the rules” a little by mixing Classic lashes with Mega Volume or perhaps use a different ratio of Classics to Volume, say 70% Volume, 30% Classics. By offering extra perks for your clients, we keep our clients happy and in turn, our customer base high. The only thing to keep in mind is that your prices should reflect the service you are doing. If, for example, you use 70% Volume fans and 30% Classic lashes perhaps charge 20% more than you do for your standard Hybrid set.


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