Trending Lash Styles: Wispy, Textured Lashes

Trending Lash Styles: Wispy, Textured Lashes

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Textured, wispy, strip lash, wet lash, mascara, natural, dramatic, kim k lash style. These are all terms that are commonly used to describe some form of lash texture. No matter what name you call it, texture simply means that the lash set is not required to look perfectly uniform along the tips. Instead, the goal is for the set to look staggered in an intentional way. There is a common misconception that texture can only be achieved with volume. This is inaccurate, as you can achieve texture with any lash service type - classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume.

lash texture wispy looks

There are an unlimited variety of options to choose from when your client requests texture. The set can look as dramatic or natural as you choose and can suit almost any client, no matter their age, natural lash limitations or the level of drama requested. It all comes down to the curls, lengths, diameters and/or dimensions you decide to use. Let’s quickly look at some different textured styles to give you a visual of just how diverse each textured lash set can look. We will dive deeper into our understanding of how to create each unique look later within the course.

The amount of texture a lash set has does not directly correlate to the overall level of drama (density and length) of the entire set. Instead, texture is defined by the level of piecy-ness (the length variations) within the set. Subtle, Moderate and Dramatic texture can all fall under any category of ‘general lash drama’ and any service type. For a visual, let’s look at the chart to the left. The 'Subtle' set is a dramatic looking volume lash set, but the level of texture is quite low. ‘Dramatic’ is quite a light lash set but the level of texture is extremely dramatic.

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