Lost Artistry's Founder Kaitlyn Elford stretching and  preparing for a lash set!

Artist Health & Posture

As lash artists we must keep our bodies healthy, doing our best to avoid muscle and joint pain in order to continue our career long term. If we neglect to take care of our bodies, we could experience lasting effects that may force us to end our lash journey earlier than planned. This is something that is not stressed enough in the industry, as lashing doesn't seem like it would fall into a physically demanding career category.


It is important to keep your back straight and your core engaged while lashing, avoiding the dreaded ‘hunch’ as much as possible. Try to keep a mental note of your posture while working. Check in with yourself regularly throughout the service to ensure you are maintaining good posture. Put your best effort into correcting your position back to a straight back with your chest forward.

Equipment to Support Good Posture:

  • A saddle stool with adjustable heights and swivel
  • A back brace to wear while working
  • A lash bed with adjustable height options
  • Proper lighting that prevents you from having to hunch over to see your work

People tend to notice lower back pain after a few months of lashing. This can easily be fixed by little reminders- put a sticky note on your station reminding you to pay attention to how you’re sitting.

Stretch It Out

After each workday, take some time to give your body a nice stretch and enjoy some "me time". It is also recommended that you get massages or see a chiropractor if necessary.

One easy stretch to incorporate into your daily routine is the Lower Back Stretch.

Lay flat on your back. Pull your knees into your chest until a stretch is felt on the mid and lower back. Try doing this alternating one knee at a time as well.

Be mindful of your body- it will tell you when it’s not doing so well. Never leave a sore back or sore muscles and joints untreated. You want a long and happy lashing career- take care of yourself!

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