Lost Artistry Cream Remover is the best for Lash Extension Removal.

Lash Extension Removal Tips & Tricks

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Here are some of Lost Artistry's most top secret lash extension removal tips and tricks. We cover everything from application to removal time.  
  • Use a Cream Remover with a thicker consistency, allowing for more ensured control during the removal process. Anything that is of a low viscosity, such as thin gels or oil based removers can slide down the lashes potentially seeping into our clients eyes.
  • Apply the remover generously but meticulously. The points of adhesion between the natural lash and extension are the most important areas to coat.
  • Irritated skin is much more sensitive to remover. If a client is experiencing a reaction to the extensions, and remover touches the inflamed area, it will cause serious discomfort. Thick consistency remover such as a cream remover is the only solution here.
  • Leave Lost Artistry Cream Remover on for roughly 10 minutes, then gently remove the loosened extensions using a Lint Free ApplicatorLash Brush, or Tweezers if necessary. Ensure all cream is removed prior to cleansing the lashes.
  • If the remover gets in the client’s eyes, flush with water immediately for up to 15 minutes.
  • Avoid pre-maturely removing the lashes- this can cause tugging and mild irritation to the clients natural lashes if the remover has not had enough time to fully do its job and loosen the bond from the extension to the natural lash.
  • Please be gentle- lashes are fragile. The removal process should be done tediously, and gently to assure that you are avoiding irritating your client and that they are comfortable.

Want to see how it’s done Lost Artistry style? Click Here.

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