These are Lost Artistry's Easy fans and tweezers.

Camellia or Easy Fans

Debating on Easy Fans or Camellia Easy fans, but don't really understand the difference or where to start? Both are amazing innovative products to use if you enjoy the look of hand made fans but aren't ready to create your own in a timely manner. These are both speedy quick options, but definitely give different effects.

Camellia Easy Fan Lashes are staggered with multiple lengths in each row on the tray. Please note that these are not mixed trays. Each row has three different lengths, which mimics the eyelashes natural growth cycle. The varying lengths of the lashes help to create depth and texture in your lash set more easily than single length lashes. Camellia’s provide a more textures effect and give off a fluffy wispy vibe.

Lost Artistry Easy Fan Lashes were created for a faster Volume application and are a great way to bridge the gap between classic and hand made volume. You can expect a darker finish but a wider, bulkier effect due to the bonding agent used to hold the fans together at the base. These are more “beginner friendly”, but that’s not to say they aren’t favourites of lash pro’s either.

Here at Lost Artistry we encourage artists to play around with both options. Preference plays a big factor into choosing your tried and true type of easy fan.

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