Avoid Shock Curing

Ever heard of the term “Shock Curing?”. If you’re a veteran lash artist you’ve definitely come across this disaster, or at least heard of it. Shock curing is when water or too much moisture meets the adhesive, causing the bond between the natural lash and extension to instantaneously cure. This makes the bond stiff, brittle and fragile. Excess moisture can actually cause what is commonly known as the 'Blanching Effect' (or Blooming Effect when specifically speaking about shock curing). This is when moisture causes the adhesive to micro shatter, forming a crystallized substance at the base of the lashes.

There are so many situations during a service where you could potentially run into shock curing, such as:

  • Watery eyed clients
  • Improper use of a nano mister
  • Not giving your clients natural lashes enough time to dry between lash bath and lash application
  • Not applying bond aid at the beginning of your service (this helps with flexibility of the bond and maximize retention)

For those watery eye’d clients, it’s recommended to tape something down to the outer corners of the eyes to absorb any leakiness and avoid shock curing. Try cutting our Glue Wipes into small squares, and tape these down to the eye corners- works like a charm!

As for the Nano Mister, make sure to be keeping a safe distance from the clients eyes while misting. If the Nano Mister is too close to the face, the mist won't be as controlled and an excess amount of water may be dispersed onto the lashes, causing the tragic event of shock curing. Keep a safe distance when spraying- we recommend 30cm away from the clients face. Less is more, don’t overload lashes with mist.

After a pre-service Lash Bath, don't rush right into starting the set. Make sure the clients lashes are decently dry before introducing glue into the mix. There is nothing messier than trying to adhere extensions to wet natural lashes… you’ll get a shocking result.

Use Bond·Aid! Lost Artistry's Bond·Aid Primer can be used prior to beginning any service to rid the lashes of oil, dirt and debris, providing natural lashes with the optimal environment for proper adhesion. BondAid helps cure glue in a controlled safe way, helping optimize retention rather than ruining it. This will help create a flexible bond.

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  • Thank you so much for this great blog of info. I love the glue wipes trick!!


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