A beautiful model wearing a Lost Artistry lash set. Clients like our model need to know proper aftercare for their lash extensions.

What Your Clients Should Know: Lash Aftercare

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Lash Extension Aftercare: Tips For You and Your Clients to Maximize Retention 

Proper lash aftercare is crucial to the satisfaction of your clients and the reputation of your professional lash services. As lash artists, we are responsible for educating our clients on the importance of aftercare. Providing clients with the right tools and techniques is essential to protecting the natural lashes and promoting healthy lash development. Additionally, aftercare will improve retention, benefiting your business by increasing customer satisfaction.  



Some key advice for lash aftercare: 

  • Suggest using a lash shampoo to your clients 
  • Educate clients on what they should avoid after getting lash extensions 
  • Encourage your clients to brush their lashes daily  
  • Pre-schedule fills to maintain full lashes 
  • Highlight the importance of cleansing the lashes after service.  


Also – be sure to share aftercare tips in a way your clients can refer to at home! You can do this by:

  • Handing out information-filled cards following your service can be a great way to provide your clients with all the best aftercare tips and reminders. We offer Aftercare Cards in packs of 30 or 50
  • Sending a text or email after service can also be perfect for giving your clients all the aftercare info they need. Following the initial service, simply send a prewritten message with important reminders! 



Dirty lash lines can lead to irritation and become the ultimate feeding grounds for lash mites. Referring clients to lash aftercare products will ensure proper cleansing following appointments. My favourite aftercare products to recommend to my clients include:  

Lost Artistry Sensi-Bath

Regular use of a lash shampoo like the Lost Artistry Foam Cleanser will optimize retention by removing debris and oil from the lashes. Pairing with the Lost Artistry Cleansing brush allows for an easy, thorough cleansing process. Offering these products for your clients to purchase in your salon is a great way to promote aftercare while bringing in some extra profit. We offer Foam Cleanser in packs of 20 for the purpose of resale! 



The truth is many clients underestimate the importance of regularly cleansing their lash extensions. Some will forget or refuse to cleanse their lashes while claiming that they do. This can be very frustrating as a lash artist, but there are ways to encourage proper aftercare. My best tips for handling clients who don’t wash their lashes include:  

  • Taking a photo and showing them. Let your client see for themselves! Try taking a zoomed-in picture of the build-up and crusties in their lash line before thoroughly cleansing. Hopefully, seeing this and promoting a lash shampoo will encourage your client to start cleaning their extensions.  
  • Warning them about lash mites. No one wants to hear that their habits could lead to lash lice! Everyone has tiny parasitic mites called demodex living in our lash lines that actually help us by eating dead skin cells and oils. However, lash extensions can quickly cause buildup without being cleansed, sometimes causing demodex infestations. These infestations cause itchiness, redness, and burning sensations around the lashes.  
  • Showing them a cleansing tutorial. Make sure that your client is cleansing their lashes correctly! In addition to verbally describing the lash aftercare process to your clients, try sending them a tutorial to follow as well. This will help provide them with the right tools and techniques to do a thorough cleansing.  


If you’re having trouble with clients neglecting lash care, I highly recommend incorporating these tips into your services.  



After a lash appointment, retention can be improved by avoiding certain habits. Ensuring clients know what to avoid is crucial, especially for new customers who are unfamiliar with the necessity of attentive aftercare. Some common habits clients must avoid include:  

  • Touching, rubbing, or picking their lash extensions. Picking at them may be tempting, but your lashes can cause a buildup of gunk from your fingers, leading to premature shedding.  
  • Sleeping face-down. This will cause lash extensions to tangle, clump, and fall out prematurely, affecting the appearance and health of the lashes.  
  • Using oil-based products. Any oil-based removers or face wash will cause the breakdown of lash adhesives, impacting retention.  
  • Heat and steam. Whether from ovens, BBQs, saunas, or steam rooms, these heat producers can affect eyelash extension retention.  

Avoiding these habits will help increase retention, removing frustration from both you and your client. Knowing this can be especially helpful for new clients who are unfamiliar with the lash extension and aftercare process. 


Have questions about aftercare? Feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@lostartistry.com or our Instagram @lostartistrylash 

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