One of the easiest ways to connect with clients are consultation cards. Tait is using consultation cards to remember important details about her clients.

Connecting With Clients

A large part of being a Lash Boss is socializing and getting to know your clients. You always have a revolving door of people coming and going, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of who is who. It seems to be much easier to remember the babes you instantly connect with, and more challenging to get to a comfortable level with someone when the connection’s just naturally not there. Two words: Consultation Forms.

A consultation form is the holy grail of all things “connection building”. This form is the key to remembering small details about your client, and can be used for a clients first appointment and for future fills.

For example- Becky had mentioned her cousin's wedding coming up. Write this down and on her next fill, ask how this went. Little things like this will make whoever’s in your chair feel special and appreciated. Information such as a clients birthday, instagram and even their weekend plans are great conversation starters for next time. Show everyone you appreciate them and want to build a relationship. How great do you feel when you’re addressed by name at the coffee shop you regularly visit? AMAZING!

Record your clients Instagram/social media handles on their consultation cards-! This way you can tag them in the photos you've taken of their gorgeous sets. Showing the pride you take in your work and crediting your beautiful model will do wonders, and spark more constant conversations. Your clients need to know that you’re proud to be their lash artist- they’ll be super stoked to chat about all of the compliments received via your last insta pic!

Keeping track of your lash mappings on your consultation form is a MUST. Build trust with your clients by giving consistency. This will be especially handy with clients who come once a year on special occasions. There’s nothing worse than getting a visit from your “New Years Eve Client” expecting exactly what she got last time, but oops you’ve forgotten your mapping. When your clients see that you've taken the extra steps to right down exactly what they loved about their previous set, they’ll admire your dedication. Even though your clients may obsess over their lashes, write down some things you'd improve for next time- this way your clients will see constant improvement and be blown away each and every time they visit!

A great suggestion is to record notes on your consultation forms about the health of your clients' lashes. They've invested quite a bit of coin into getting them done, and should be fully aware of how to keep them looking and feeling their best. Verbalizing your previous observations about lash health, lash length and fullness are great ways to spark some fun conversation. You’re the expert- if you notice that your client has been keeping up with your aftercare advice, then tell them! Showing your support through your clients' lash journeys by constantly monitoring their lash health is a great way to grow relationships right from the beginning.

Everyone wants to feel remembered and appreciated. You are more inclined to open up to someone and stick around if they make you feel wanted and welcome! Be attentive- write down special things. Ask questions. The ones you don't initially connect with can end up being strong relationships due to the fact they had to be worked towards. Use your consultation forms, and happy lashing!

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